President's Message

The News Magazine of HCU

Houston Christian University (HCU) has unveiled a new logo, brand identity and messaging that solidifies its reputation as a leader in Christian education and enables the University to extend its reach in attracting and meeting the needs of the next generation of college students.

The new logo is a better description of who we are. It ushers in a new look but still maintains HCU’s commitment to its core convictions and mission to offer students a strong academic foundation grounded in historic Christian belief. It not only captures our new name but illustrates visually what we strive for, that is, an understanding of how the education HCU offers is informed by our Christian faith. Education that is separated from the roots of truth, character building, reality, and faith in the one true and living God revealed through Jesus Christ is an education that falls short of its intended goal, that is, to shape our lives with wisdom so that we might be faithful participants in God’s work in the world.

The Belin Tower captures the history and work of higher education as it exemplifies in its features the structures of order, tradition and beauty. The cross at the top lifts the eye to the ultimate horizon that defines who we are and what we do as seekers of truth who are made in the image of God. We are grounded in the goodness of God’s creation and in spite of the brokenness all around us, we look to the cross, which points us to the person of Christ, the one in whom the world’s hopes for restoration authentically reside.

Carnegie, in conjunction with our marketing team, is hard at work integrating the new logo and branding messaging throughout the HCU campus. From the Houston Christian University sign on the Southwest Freeway, to our parking lot banners, to our website, we are implementing our logo in a way that will aid the surrounding community in recognizing and appreciating our new name and visual identity.

We have also joined forces with KPRC-TV, our community partner, to promote our new brand and support various non-profit causes. Be on the lookout for new billboards throughout the city that attest to the cutting-edge degree programs and faith-based focus that set HCU apart as a premier educational institution. As a University, we celebrate our new name, look and messaging and stand firm on the foundation of core convictions and values that have brought us to where we are today – poised and ready to meet the academic and spiritual needs of the next generation of world-class learners.