A Life of Service: Rev. Garry Blackmon assumes role as HCU Board of Trustees Chair

The News Magazine of HCU

Rev. Garry Blackmon is a man of faith who has dedicated his life to serving God and his community. He has given his time and talents to his church as Senior Pastor of Crossway Christian Fellowship and served as a dedicated member of the board of trustees at Houston Christian University (HCU) where he was recently appointed Board Chair.

HCU President Dr. Sloan described Rev. Blackmon as “an outstanding Christian leader.” “He served as chaplain to the Houston Fire Department for many years, is the longstanding senior pastor of Crossway Christian Fellowship and is one of the most highly regarded ministers in the city of Houston,” said Dr. Sloan. “We are privileged to benefit from Reverend Blackmon’s service as chairman of HCU’s Board of Trustees. Garry was enthusiastically elected by his fellow trustees as a reflection of his leadership, integrity, and commitment to the mission of HCU.”

Rev. Blackmon has been a part of the HCU family, formerly Houston Baptist University, for nearly 12 years and considers it a privilege to serve as Chair at a pivotal time in the University’s history.

“After being elected as the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees, I immediately thought about the words of the late Dr. Oliver Jones, ‘All I am I owe, I live forever in the red!’ I’m very humbled and thankful to my fellow trustees for selecting me to serve as chair-elect. This was something I never expected but, nonetheless, it is a call to service that I’m honored to accept. I recognized that I get to follow so many remarkable individuals who have served in this role, and I will do my best to live up to the examples they have served in this role, and I will do my best to live up to the examples they have been set before me,” said Rev. Blackmon.

He commends the University for its steadfast commitment to cultivating the study of a biblical worldview in higher education, the stewardship of the scriptures, and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He values the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Sloan, HCU board of trustee members, the executive staff and academic leaders to uphold these core Christian convictions.

A well-respected leader in the community, Rev. Blackmon has served in a leadership role with Promise Keepers, Inc., worked to rebuild urban communities through “Serve the City,” a non-profit redevelopment project and ministered in various cities across the country.

A Houston native, Rev. Blackmon was ordained in 1985 and aims, through ministry, to see Christians walk in the blessings of the Lord. He is a dedicated spiritual leader, husband, father of four and humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As the 2022-23 HCU Board of Trustees Chair, Rev. Blackmon serves along with Vice Chair, Rev. Ramiro Peña, and Board Secretary, Steve Kerns.