Drs. David & Marybeth Baggett: School of Christian Thought

Dr. David Baggett is a professor of Philosophy in HCU’s School of Christian Thought and director of the Center for Moral Apologetics. After teaching college  for 18 years elsewhere, he, along with his wife Marybeth, began teaching at HCU in the fall of 2020. Dr. Baggett is the author or editor of 15 books and is a two-time Christianity Today book award winner, most recently, “The Morals of the Story” (IVP Academic, 2018, written with his wife.  He has cowritten three Oxford University Press books on the moral argument with HCU philosophy professor Jerry Walls, and his specializations include philosophical theology, philosophy of religion, religious ethics, philosophy and popular culture, and moral apologetics. 

Dr. Marybeth Baggett is a professor of English in the HCU School of Humanities. She has 17 years’ experience teaching composition, literature and literary criticism, and, along with her husband David, is excited to join the faculty of HCU in the fall of 2020. Dr. Baggett is coauthor of “The Morals of the Story” and “At the Bend of the River Grand.” She has written articles on modern and contemporary American literature, utopian literature, and science fiction for both academic and popular publications. Her research interests include literary apologetics, critical theory, and cultural engagement.