Ariel Lee and Brian Davis, Cyber Engineering students are featured in Think About It

Ariel is a senior cyber engineering student who is slated to graduate in May 2023. He served 5 years in the Marine Corps as an Intelligence Specialist and is a member of the HCU Engineers City Club and currently assists with standing up the drone program for the school. Following graduation, his goal is to work in the cybersecurity field with a focus on digital forensics. He enjoys camping and volunteering at dog shelters.

Brian is a senior computer science engineering student in HCU’s College of Science and Engineering who is slated to graduate in May 2022. He is a member of the Baptist Student Ministry (BSM), Engineeriocity Club, Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Club. His favorite pastimes include puzzle-solving games (i.e., Rubik’s Cube), playing video/board games and Ultimate Frisbee. He hopes to obtain a job that will allow him to pursue a graduate degree in cyber engineering.

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