Shawn Washington, Director of HCU's Graduate Admissions, is featured on Think About It

Shawn Washington is HCU’s new Director of Graduate Admissions. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and MBA from the University of Phoenix in 2006. Prior to entering higher education, he received a full athletic scholarship to play football for Baylor University. He was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the late rounds and let go in his rookie year. He played briefly for the Washington Redskins  before retiring from football due to injuries after playing three seasons of Arena Football for the Houston Thunder Bear. He began his work in the education field as a student services advisor, then transitioned into an admissions recruiter position before moving into management roles as director of admissions for multiple career colleges and local universities. He held the role of vice-president of high school admissions for Everest College where he was responsible for creating a new recruiting platform for different campuses located in multiple states. He also served as a campus president of a small career college in Killeen, Texas that catered to returning military veterans. His hobbies include traveling; taking cruises with his wife, attending local and regional car shows, barbequing for family, friends and neighbors but a lot of his time these past couple of years has been spent serving as president of the board and coaching special needs athletes through a local non-profit organization, “Basketball for All, Inc.”