Jada Allen, a student-athlete on the HCU Volleyball team is featured on "Think About It"

In this episode of “Think About It,” HCU Asst. Athletic Director Russ Reneau talks with student-athlete, Jada Allen about her journey at HCU. A fifth-year senior on the HCU Volleyball team, Allen called it amazing to mold together with the younger girls and show them what HCU volleyball is all about. She called the recent name change a surprise but embraced it as an opportunity for the University to grow and expects this year’s Southland Conference play to bring growth and the ability to achieve the goals the team sets out as a whole. She hopes to go out in her last year of play as a senior with a blast. She described all of the hardships the team has had to face and overcome it has been amazing. Allen described the team’s ability to come together and continue the season following the loss of Asst. Coach Molly Howard Gerwig in the middle of the 20/21 Season as pretty amazing.