Dr. Gary Hartburg interviews Linnea Hagman on Think About It, An HCU Podcast

In this episode of “Think About It” podcast, Dr. Gary Hartenburg, Director of the Honors College, talks with Linnea Hagman, a freshman in HCU’s Honors College about what led her to HCU and her experience in the college, thus far. Linnea shares how she began as an Accounting major but quickly discovered that pursuing a double degree in General Business and English was more in line with her interests. She shares the challenges in the Honors College and the value of being uncomfortable and sticking it out and finding a circle of friends to engage with as she navigates her academic journey. She appreciates her mentor, Dr. Barbara Elliott, for her guidance, wisdom and listening ear on everything from her Honors College reading list, including Aristotle and the Ancient Greek World, to her personal challenges as a freshman student. Lena describes HCU as a place where she feels she can become more of herself and values the Honors College for its role in preparing students to go out into the world and achieve success in whatever field or career they choose to pursue.