BS in Information Systems

Unlock the digital future with our visionary bachelor’s in computer information systems degree.

Earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Systems at Houston Christian University sets you at the forefront of a dynamic field that bridges the worlds of technology and business.

Over four years, immerse yourself in a blend of traditional coursework, practical internship or research experiences, and a STEM-forward interdisciplinary education, always guided by the light of faith and integrity.

Our information systems major does more than just equip you for technical careers across a vast spectrum of business settings; it nurtures a harmonious blend of in-demand skills, strategic understanding, and the Christian values that ground and elevate every life pursuit.

Information Systems Degree Overview and Requirements

Houston Christian University’s BS in Information Systems (IS) degree program stands out by preparing you to seamlessly blend technological prowess with business acumen.

As part of the curriculum, you’ll familiarize yourself with popular coding languages Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C++, and HTML, fostering the ability to tackle real-world challenges. In addition, our program emphasizes essential business and math requirements to complement the tech-savvy side of the major and requires an integrated internship experience.

Information Systems Degree Plan

Review the information systems degree plan and major requirements.

Information Science Major Courses

Courses cover essential computer information systems design, manipulation, and management, leveraging real-world experience and faculty expertise to build professional skills in areas from network security to project management.

Courses in the information science major include:

  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Intermediate Computer Programming
  • Web Application Programming
  • Information Technology Infrastructure
  • Data and Information Management
  • Cyber Human Systems

Learn about specialized lab courses and equipment you may need before completing lab coursework.

What Can I Do With a BS in Information Systems From HCU?

The bachelor of information systems degree at HCU prepares you to efficiently analyze computing problems and design, implement, and evaluate technology solutions for businesses and organizations or in commercial or public settings.

Take new computing theory, programming, and computer architecture skills and power them with knowledge of marketing, predictive analytics, and management principles in order to pursue rewarding careers and further education in information systems and information systems management.

Career Outcomes

As a major in the BS in Information Systems degree program, you will learn how to design, use, and manage computer information systems in environments that need trained professionals to recognize issues, optimize function, communicate with multiple stakeholders, and create solutions.

Our stimulating research opportunities and the chance to push the boundaries of the current field of computer systems provide the ideal breadth of experience for master’s degree programs and further professional education.

Salaries for Information Systems Majors

With the freedom to explore specializations and gain marketable skills in programming languages, systems design, health informatics, and more, the information systems degree program poises you to begin your career in lucrative fields and advance to reach higher salary potential.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average annual compensation for jobs in information systems that require a bachelor’s degree or further education in IS or related fields:

Prepare for Further Education and Professional Development

Houston Christian University’s tailored professional preparation is the secret ingredient that propels our students to achieve their lofty career goals.

Whether you go on to pursue research positions in higher education or industry or graduate programs in information systems, information sciences, informatics, or related computing fields, the Professional Experience Office (PXO) is a hub of hands-on help for getting prepared for the next step. Outside of the PXO, access more assistance through:

Opportunities for Information Systems Majors

Built-in Internship or Professional Experience

The BS in Information Systems degree program’s baked-in professional experience component introduces students to real-world situations in an internship setting or another research or industry environment.

Under a professional mentor and earning an hourly wage, students in the BS in Information Systems program’s internship semester pursue excellent work experience and learn the ropes in longer-term projects.

Learn about internships for HCU information systems majors.

Participate in Undergraduate Research

Information systems majors have a wide range of opportunities to connect with industry-leading faculty and participate hands-on in HCU’s robust research initiatives.

From collaborating closely with renowned scholars to innovating independent research, if students feel called to participate in uncovering new knowledge and techniques in the IS field or to pursue graduate studies, the College of Science and Engineering is the ideal incubator they need.

Review details of undergraduate research opportunities at COSE.

Related Science and Engineering Degrees

HCU offers a menu of undergraduate programs designed to fuel in-demand careers that merge serving God with utilizing the mechanisms of new digital landscapes.

  • Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity: Gain specialized knowledge and practical training in a highly in-demand career field. Design security strategies and build foundations in engineering, programming, and digital forensics.
  • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Engineering: Coursework pertains to the engineering of electrical circuits and the creation and execution of measures to safeguard hardware and devices.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Create computer and information systems that cater to the specific requirements of various fields ranging from business to biomedical science.

Admissions and Aid

Whether you are a first-year or transfer student, we invite you to enrich your academic journey with the bachelor’s in information systems degree at Houston Christian University.

Become an Information Systems Major at Houston Christian University

With HCU’s BS in Information Systems degree program, stand at the confluence of innovation and tradition, mastering the digital realm while being shaped by an institution that intertwines advanced knowledge with time-honored values.

Begin your Houston Christian University application today.