BS in Cybersecurity

Defend the digital realm with unparalleled expertise in cybersecurity strategies.

Houston Christian University’s Bachelor of Science (BS) in Cybersecurity degree program stands at the forefront of modern digital defense strategies, offering a deep dive into the world of cyber threats and their countermeasures.

As a cybersecurity major at HCU, traverse the digital defense landscape, designing robust systems and protocols to fend off cyber adversaries. With courses spanning network security, ethical hacking, and data protection, our bachelor’s in cybersecurity program equips you to lead the front line against cyber threats.

Rise with us to guard the digital realm and ensure a safe cyber environment for all.

Requirements and Program of Study

The cybersecurity major curriculum harmoniously blends rigorous academic pursuits, hard technological skills, and HCU’s distinct Christian point of view. Our 123-credit program is grounded in the specialized knowledge vital to cybersecurity careers where practical computing skills are a must and communication prowess sets you apart.

You won’t just learn basic security strategy. Instead, you’ll complete holistic coursework in programming skills, basic networking, and ethical considerations. As the program advances, students choose from advanced electives in computer or cyber engineering, complete a hands-on internship or professional experience, and undertake a practical senior project. This balance guides you to emerge with applied experiences, not just theoretical knowledge.

Cybersecurity Degree Plan

[PDF] Review the cybersecurity degree plan and major requirements.

Cybersecurity Courses

Key courses in the BS in cybersecurity program ensure a comprehensive grasp of both technical and strategic facets of cybersecurity. You become prepared for risk and threat assessment, as well as designing and refining security policies.

Courses in the cybersecurity major program include:

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • System Administration
  • Risk Management and Analysis
  • Security Operations
  • Applied Cryptography

Review information about SAFE cyber engineering and security lab courses, including equipment requirements.

What Can I Do With a BS in Cybersecurity From Houston Christian University?

As a graduate of HCU’s cybersecurity program, you’ll stand ready to lead in digital defense. Whether your goal is to become a cybersecurity strategist, risk assessor, or incident responder, our bachelor’s in cybersecurity paves the way.

Throughout the program, delve into a wide range of cybersecurity topics, from reverse engineering to ethical hacking, and discover your true passion and calling within the field. Our bachelor’s in cybersecurity program equips you to confidently step into the workforce, progress to leadership roles, or further your studies in cybersecurity or related disciplines.

Career Outcomes

With HCU’s BS in Cybersecurity, you’re not just pursuing a degree—you’re setting the stage for a thriving career. As a graduate poised to excel in various roles in information technology, cybersecurity, and computer science, prominent career paths include information security analyst, cybersecurity analyst, and IT auditor.

Our program provides a thorough grounding in cybersecurity fundamentals, ensuring every graduate is ready to step confidently into the professional realm. Graduates demonstrate career-readiness through abilities to:

  • Understand different types of cyber attacks and how to prevent them
  • Program in multiple languages
  • Administer and maintain computers, servers, and other devices
  • Conduct ethical hacking and prevent attacks
  • Build and maintain secure computer networks
  • Perform basic digital forensics and testify in court
  • Handle security attacks and properly recover from them
  • Reverse engineer malware to fix programs and stop the spread of viruses
  • Understand cryptography and encrypt data and systems

Acquire the skills and expertise needed to confidently navigate the next phase of your journey, fueled by a passion to thrive in this impactful and expanding field.


Begin your foray into a career field with highly rewarding salaries. Whether you’re pursuing a career as a network architect, where securing company data is a top priority, or beginning as a security analyst consulting with businesses across various industries, these roles offer salaries above the national average, and the outlook for future demand is strong, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports information security analysts earn a median annual wage of $102,600, with those working in the information sector earning $128,970 on average.

As you accumulate more professional experience and establish credibility, in addition to obtaining professional certifications, your future salary has the potential to increase significantly based on these achievements.

Prepare for Advanced Education and Research

Through our robust research opportunities in popular and exciting areas like secure system development, become more qualified to pursue industry certifications and further education in graduate-level degree programs such as a Master of Science in Cybersecurity. With these advanced credentials, attain high-level research roles or enter academia.

Guidance on the next step of the journey to cybersecurity careers is available through the Professional Experience Office (PXO). Here, get career-ready with advisors who can help you take the right prerequisites and take on the right experiences to excel and grow in your ideal career.

Explore pre-professional preparation services through the PXO.

Opportunities for Cybersecurity Majors

Professional Experience or Cybersecurity Internship

As a cybersecurity major, you undertake at least one industry-focused internship, learning alongside experienced professionals in real-world settings. Our dedicated faculty and career teams guide you to pursue suitable roles and ensure you benefit from HCU’s strong partnerships with leading cybersecurity corporations and beyond.

The College of Science and Engineering prioritizes tailored internship opportunities and professional experiences that bolster your understanding of cybersecurity on personal and practical levels.

Explore HCU’s internship requirements.

Undergraduate Research Initiatives

The College of Science and Engineering at HCU offers chances to immerse yourself in cutting-edge research initiatives, collaboratively push boundaries, and foster transformative new insights.

This enriching journey deepens academic understanding and illuminates potential career paths, aligning with HCU’s mission to cultivate ambitious, God-centered leaders in the cybersecurity realm.

Explore cybersecurity research opportunities and see where faith and ambition converge.

Career and Academic Support Services

With direct connections to employers in the Houston area seeking entry-level talents in these pivotal fields, the Career and Calling resource hub at HCU offers networking events, career counseling, and mock interview opportunities throughout the bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity.

Dedicated to guiding students toward their life’s path through exploration and personal reflection, Career and Calling helps you find internships and other chances to enrich your’ résumé, GitHub portfolio, and depth of professional experience.

Find tutoring, success coaching, and private and shared study areas with the help of Academic Support and Resources, from Student Success Specialists to academic advising.

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Admissions and Aid

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Become a Cybersecurity Major at Houston Christian University

Graduates of the BS in Cybersecurity program at HCU stand out as digital guardians, armed with the technical prowess and ethical grounding to safeguard our interconnected and divinely inspired digital landscape. Join HCU’s cybersecurity legacy today.

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