Houston Christian University Catalog

Information Systems (IS) Course Descriptions

  • IS 3341 Information Technology Infrastructure

    Prerequisite(s): COSC 1352

    Hardware, software, networks, and other physical resources required to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control or support IT services; cloud-based IT assets

  • IS 4311 Project Management

    Prerequisite(s): Senior Standing or consent of instructor

    Information technology project planning, resource organization and controlling, overview of software engineering principles, principles of software management, planning, risk management and software cost estimation. Topics include defining the project, estimating schedules and costs, developing a plan, and managing risks. Students will gain working knowledge of current widely used project management methodologies and gain hands-on experience by working through real world case studies.

  • IS 4341 Data and Information Management

    Prerequisite(s): IS 3341 or consent of instructor

    This course provides an introduction to the core concepts in data and information management. Topics may include coverage of basic database administration tasks and key concepts of data quality and data security. Building on the transactional database understanding, the course provides an introduction to data and information management technologies that provide decision support capabilities under the broad business intelligence umbrella.

  • IS 4342 Cyber Human Systems

    Prerequisite(s): COSC 3342

    An interdisciplinary topic that requires the understanding of human interaction with computer systems as well as computer security and privacy. Topics may include human-computer-device interfaces, cloud and distributed computing, database development and management, and information assurance as well as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework standards, guidelines and best practices to manage cybersecurity risk. Impact of AI and machine learning