Houston Christian University Catalog

(PRSC) Course Descriptions

  • PRSC 5100 Application and Skills Seminar

    Students must participate in three workshops and complete the self-assessments offered by the HCU Professional Experience Office. The workshops are designed to help students enhance qualifications such as interviewing skills, essay writing and the application completion process.

  • PRSC 5102 Ethics

    This course introduces ethical issues in biomedical sciences and healthcare. Topics will cover authorship and intellectual property, data selection/research design, conflict of interest, privacy and confidentiality, animals in research, human subjects in research, and patient care equity.

  • PRSC 5105 Intro to Health Disparities

    An examination of the disparities and issues surrounding the treatment of several health problems in the United States, particularly as related to minority populations. Each health condition is approached from clinical, cultural and scientific aspects.

  • PRSC 5201 Practicum

    This course will focus on the supervised practical application of drug development, ethical and scientific principles of clinical research, clinical trial preparation and study design. It will include clinical trials from initiation to implementation.