Houston Christian University Catalog

Finance (FINA) Course Descriptions

  • FINA 3315 Security Markets and Financial Institutions

    Prerequisite(s): FINA 3320

    An introduction to the US financial system. Topics include interest rate theory, financial markets such as money markets and capital markets including stock and bond markets, and financial institutions such as banks and other depository institutions, finance companies, insurance companies, investment companies, pension funds, securities firms. (Offered also as ECON 3315.)

  • FINA 3320 Corporate Finance

    Prerequisite(s): ACCT 2301 and BUSA 2315

    Introduction to the basic concepts, principles, and analytical techniques of financial management. Topics include financial planning and analysis, risk and return, time value of money, valuation and capital budgeting. The following key aspects of finance will be emphasized – net present value, cash flows, and the tradeoff between risk and return.

  • FINA 3322 Introduction to Risk Management

    Prerequisite(s): FINA 3320

    This course provides an introduction to corporate risk management by combining concepts, tools, and techniques from finance and related disciplines such as economics and statistics. It discusses the identification, measurement, and management of risk from both personal and corporate perspectives. Topics covered include how to characterize and measure risks, compare and price risk, evaluate the effects that risk has upon stakeholder incentives and firm value, etc.

  • FINA 3330 International Finance

    Prerequisite(s): FINA 3320 and ECON 2311

    A study of the theories and practices of international trade and finance, direction and composition of world trade, institutions for facilitating trade, international payments, capital movement, exchange rates. (Offered also as ECON 3330.)

  • FINA 4307 Investment Principles

    Prerequisite(s): FINA 3320 and ECON 2311

    An introductory investment course designed to teach students how to make investment decisions. It helps prepare students become investment professionals and financial planners. It analyzes different types of investment products and discusses the characteristics of different kinds of investors for purposes of developing an effective investment policy. Topics include debt securities, equity securities, derivative securities, security analysis, and portfolio management. The course provides the first good step for those students who are interested in obtaining the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certification or the CFA (Charted Financial Analyst) charter.

  • FINA 4318 Corporate Financial Management

    Prerequisite(s): FINA 3320 and ECON 2311

    This course will examine the theories and practice of corporate finance and provide practical solutions to the problems faced by financial managers and analysts. This course will demonstrate the problems of utilizing financial decision making tools under uncertainty, establish a framework for the analysis of financial problems, and illustrate the breadth of financial decision making.

  • FINA 4322 Options and Futures

    Prerequisite(s): FINA 4307

    The objective of this course is to give students an understanding of the wide range of derivative financial securities, including options and futures, and better prepare them for the types of careers available in today’s complex financial world. Students will learn how these securities are priced and used in risk management and speculative strategies by individuals and companies.

  • FINA 4330 Financial Analysis and Modeling

    Prerequisite(s): FINA 3320 and ECON 2311

    This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of financial modeling using the theories, concepts, and tools covered in FINA 3310, Corporate Finance, and FINA 4318, Corporate Financial Management. Extensive application of spreadsheet models incorporating real life financial data is used to familiarize students with the methodology in financial analysis and financial decision-making. Specific emphasis is on the interpretation of financial statements and their forecasts in support of planning, budgeting, and asset, as well as corporate, valuation objectives.

  • FINA 4381 Special Topics/Independent Study

    Prerequisite(s): Approval of the Dean of the Dunham College of Business

    Topics are selected on basis of student need and academic qualifications of staff. If regular lectures are not given, a minimum of 30 hours of work for each hour credit must be included.

  • FINA 5260 Principles of Finance

    Prerequisite(s): None

    An introduction to the basic theory and tools of financial management. Topics include financial statement analysis, risk and return, time value of money, and security valuation.

  • FINA 6330 Financial Management

    Prerequisite(s): ACCT 6352 and MGMT 5260 and FINA 5260

    Application of current financial analysis techniques within the firm. Topics covered include capital budgeting techniques, investment analysis, capital structure decisions, financial planning, and working capital management. The course includes review of multinational or global corporations and multinational versus domestic financial management. This course also looks at business ethics and social responsibility by firms, including agency problem, management compensation, and executive stock options. Legal aspects are considered throughout the course and involve Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), bankruptcy, reorganizations, liquidation proceedings, initial offerings (IPO’s) and mergers, leveraged buyouts (LBO’s), divestitures, and holding companies. Graduate Business programs only.

  • FINA 6332 Investments

    Prerequisite(s): FINA 6330

    A detailed analysis of the types of investment media integrated with the basic concepts of portfolio selection, diversification, and risk management. Sophisticated investment techniques and strategy will be utilized. Graduate Business programs only.

  • FINA 6333 International Finance

    Prerequisite(s): ACCT 6352 and MGMT 5260 and FINA 5260

    Studies of the factors that influence international financial decision making and the institutions and instruments that facilitate international trade and investment. Includes the international payments system, foreign exchange rates, and international capital movements. Graduate Business programs only.

  • FINA 6335 Risk Management

    Prerequisite(s): FINA 6330

    Decision-making under uncertainty and the management of risk by corporations, recognizing the relationship between risk management and the overall goals of the firm. Emphasis is placed upon the identification, measurement and management of corporate risks. Risk exposures due to complex financial structures are also covered in this course. Graduate Business programs only.

  • FINA 6359 Healthcare Finance

    Prerequisite(s): FINA 6330

    This course emphasizes financial management and financial operations theory, principles, and concepts as they relate to healthcare organizational decision-making and accountability. Students will apply current leadership principles to analyze healthcare delivery and financing challenges, assess customer base and facility mission to effectively manage and allocate human, financial and information resources in health organizations, and analyze health data to make data driven decisions in organizational policy and procedure.

  • FINA 6365 Financial Modeling and Valuation for New Ventures

    Prerequisite(s): ACCT 6365

    This course focuses on the core concepts and best practices used to build sophisticated financial models for entrepreneurial ventures, including high-level scenarios analysis and valuation techniques for privately-held companies. Topics include: a) developing macros and interactive cross-tabs functions in MS-Excel spreadsheets, b) configuring multiple variables with what if scenario impacts and rationales for financial models, c) accounting risk and managing quantitative and qualitative components into the models that directly impact the decision making entrepreneurial managers, d) establishing solid metrics and sound underlying rationales for pre-money and post-money valuations of pre-public business ventures, and e) relating cash flow and operations models to changes in firm valuations.

  • FINA 6381 Special Topics/Independent Study

    Prerequisite(s): None

    Topics are selected on basis of student need and academic qualifications of staff. If regular lectures are not given, a minimum of 30 hours of work for each hour credit must be included.