Houston Christian University Catalog

Classics (CLAS) Course Descriptions

  • CLAS 1343 Ancient Rhetoric for Modern People

    Prerequisite(s): None

    A course on the ancient art off speaking well and its modern applications. The course surveys the history of rhetoric from Socrates and the sophists (fifth century BC) through the Second Sophistic (second century AD) and introduces students to the basic elements of rhetorical theory through the ancient rhetorical handbooks. Applications of rhetoric in the New Testament and Greco-Roman literature will be used as models to teach the art to students for use in modern writing, oral delivery, critical analysis, and debate.

  • CLAS 1351 Classical Greek I

    Prerequisite(s): None

    Elementary introduction to the fundamentals of Classical, principally Attic, Greek. Topics include alphabet, pronunciation, basic vocabulary, grammar and syntax, and practice in reading elementary Classical Greek. Graded reading material is adapted from classical texts and cultivates an appreciation of Classical literature and culture.

  • CLAS 1352 Classical Greek II

    Prerequisite(s): CLAS 1351

    Continuation of elementary Classical Greek sequence. Topics include continued study of vocabulary, grammar and syntax, reading more difficult Greek, and gaining greater appreciation of Classical literature and culture.

  • CLAS 2351 Classical Greek III

    Prerequisite(s): CLAS 1352

    An intermediate course in Classical Greek with three main goals: to develop proficiency in reading Classical Greek; to strengthen command of Classical Greek grammar and vocabulary; and, to explore key features of Greek life and culture. Students read extended selections in original Greek prose. Classroom discussion addresses cultural and historical issues while also reviewing grammar.

  • CLAS 3301 Classical Mythology

    Prerequisite(s): None

    This course introduces the major Greek and Roman Myths in translation, analyzes the ways myths function in ancient and modern society, and considers the importance of Classical Myth on the modern world.

  • CLAS 4381 Special Topics/Independent Study

    Prerequisite(s): None

    Topics are selected on basis of student need and academic qualifications of staff. If regular lectures are not given, a minimum of 30 hours of work for each hour credit must be included.

  • CLAS 5310 Classics and Christianity

    Prerequisite(s): None

    This course surveys religious, philosophical, and other cultural themes of the ancient Greco-Roman world and their relation to the early Christian movement and its theology.

  • CLAS 5320 Classical Philosophy

    Prerequisite(s): None

    This course offers a survey of ancient philosophy from the pre-Socratics of the sixth century BC through the demise of the major schools of the Hellenistic period and the rise of eclectic philosophy during the Roman period.

  • CLAS 5330 Greco-Roman Religion

    Prerequisite(s): None

    This course offers a survey of Greek and Roman religion, including mythology, cultic worship, and philosophy.

  • CLAS 5340 Classical Archaeology

    Prerequisite(s): None

    This course offers an introduction to the principles of classical archaeology and a survey of important Greek and Roman material remains.