Houston Christian University Catalog

Human Services Counseling (MHSC) Course Descriptions

  • MHSC 5301 Introduction to Human Services Counseling

    Prerequisite(s): None

    This course surveys the field of human services counseling and focuses on core people helping skills, the role of faith and spirituality in mental health care, characteristics of the counselor and counselee, understanding the ethical and personal nature of the healing relationship with diverse populations, and incorporating relevant community based resources and programs.

  • MHSC 5302 Theories and Techniques in Counseling

    Prerequisite(s): MHSC 5301

    This course introduces students to major theories and techniques of counseling. It includes an intensive supervised counseling experience on campus designed to enhance self-awareness, promote personality exploration, and provide case discussion and analysis. Fundamentals of the therapeutic relationship and essential helping skills and techniques are examined and practiced.

  • MHSC 5381 Special Topics/Independent Study

    Prerequisite(s): None

    Topics are selected on basis of student need and academic qualifications of staff. If regular lectures are not given, a minimum of 30 hours of work for each hour credit must be included.