Career and Calling Update!

Career Fairs are a great way for HCU students and alumni to connect with recruiters and employers. At HCU, all students/alumni are welcome and encouraged to attend any Career Fair. The industry-focused Career Fairs foster a unique perspective for both students and employers. Freshman students all the way through Grad School-level students should network with employers on campus, as these individuals want to hire Huskies!

In February/early March, HCU has three industry-focused Career Fairs:

  • Business Career Fair: Thursday, February 21, 2019, Noon-3pm (McNair Hall)
  • Church & Faith-based Career Fair: Tuesday, March 5, 2019, Noon-2pm (McNair Hall)

In preparation for Career Fairs, students may visit The Office of Career Calling for a wide-variety of professional development. Résumés and practice interviewing are popular reasons to meet with a Career Advisor. We can connect HCU students with non-profit organizations (Dress for Success Houston & Career Gear), that help our students make a great first impression with a professional suit. Yes, HCU students can get a FREE SUIT! /