A Welcome from HCU's President

A Welcome from HCU's President

Welcome to the HCU family. Your student made a very important decision in choosing HCU for his or her experience in higher education. Education provides the opportunity for changing a life, and a Christian approach adds significant strength to education’s transforming power.


The HCU experience will help your student learn, that is, become aware of large fields of knowledge that they’ve not yet encountered, and give them the tools for gaining the new knowledge that will enable them to work, prosper, and most of all fulfill their calling under God as a significant person who makes a difference — someone who can be an instrument for good in our world.

Relationship Skills

But in life we must gain more than knowledge, as valuable as new spheres of information are. We know that what we become has a lot to do with the friends we choose. At HCU, students learn how to relate to people, how to make friends and be a friend, how to have conversations, how to work in groups, clubs, and organizations, how to be part of a team, and how to listen, as well as speak.

Moral and Spiritual Growth

Finally, alongside knowledge and relationship skills, HCU can also offer your student the opportunity to grow morally and spiritually. The capacity and habit of making good, disciplined, and honorable choices determines in large measure the direction a person’s life will take. These practices are the pathway to wisdom. We seek daily to offer our students the opportunity to join us in learning what it takes to be a person of wisdom.

Your child, grandchild, or sibling made a great choice. They are loved and valued here. And we consider you a part of our family. Welcome to HBU.

Robert B. Sloan