Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Documentation must have been completed within 60 months or 5 years prior to your request for accommodation.

Your documentation must:

  • Include a diagnosis by a medical doctor, licensed neuropsychologist, licensed neurologist, or psychiatrist or other licensed or certified professional qualified to diagnose this condition.
  • Explain how your diagnosis was determined and state the DSM IV-TR codes used in the diagnosis.
  • Include information from any clinical interviews and standard scores for any completed intellectual and achievement tests included in a Psychoeducational Assessment Report.
  • Provide information about any psychotherapy (current, type, length, and frequency).
  • List medications (current, type, dosage, side effects) and affects on learning.
  • Identify functional limitations caused by your disorder and indicate whether these limitations are long term or temporary.
  • List specific academic accommodations recommended.
  • An original copy of your documentation is required when available.
  • Documentation must be delivered or mailed, addressed to the Accommodation Services Director, and marked “confidential.”  Documentation will not be accepted electronically (Fax, Scan or Email).