Learning Disabilities

Documentation must have been completed within 60 months (or 5 years) prior to your request for accommodations.

Your documentation must:

  • Indicate your primary expressive and receptive language.
  • Provide scores for a complete intelligence battery, preferably WAIS-III.
  • Provide scores for a complete academic achievement test battery.
  • Assess all areas of information processing and report standard scores.
  • State (1) the eligibility criteria which qualifies a person for being classified as Learning Disabled, (2) any functional limitations, and (3) specific accommodations recommended.
  • Include a diagnosis made by a certified educational diagnostician, licensed psychologist, or other qualified professional(s) licensed or certified to diagnose Learning Disabilities.
  • Submit report on letterhead and provide name, title, and professional credentials of the evaluator, including information about licensure or certification, and the state in which the individual is licensed or certified to practice.
  • An original copy of your documentation is required when available.
  • Documentation must be delivered or mailed, addressed to the Accommodation Services Director, and marked “confidential.”  Documentation will not be accepted electronically (Fax, Scan or Email).