Change of Major

Thinking about changing your academic major? HCU has these resources available to assist in your decision:

Evaluate your degree program options
HCU offers you so many options to put you on track to a great career!

  • Review all undergraduate degree programs offered by HCU on the website.
  • Explore the catalog of the programs that may interest you to learn about course work requirements.
  • Use the “What-If” tool in Degree Works to analyze what your academic progress will look like if you change your major.
  • Research potential career opportunities using resources on the Career and Calling website.

Things to consider

  • Think about what subjects you have enjoyed and subjects you have been successful in.
  • Many majors give you skills and abilities that can be used in a variety of career fields.
  • Make the best decision for yourself.
  • Determine if Financial Aid will be affected by changing your major.

Have questions?