Master of Arts in Christian Psychological Studies (MACPS)

Notice: This program is pending approval by SACSOC for closure in 2024.

This 30-credit hour degree is aimed at those who seek to understand or practice psychology within a distinctly Christian framework and want a solid Christian foundation for their future career or education, for example, a Ph.D. in psychology at a public university. Why would this be helpful?

All psychology is based on a set of mostly implicit assumptions that is often called a worldview. Modern psychology, for example, the version that currently dominates Western universities, is based on the worldview of naturalism or materialism. As a result, human beings are viewed as no more than complex organisms and no consideration is given to the involvement of God in human life, development, and healing. Christian psychological studies, by contrast, is based on Christian assumptions about human beings, that we are created by God and made in God’s image, but also alienated from God, until we get reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. Such assumptions lead Christians to distinctly Christian ways of understanding, investigating, and treating human beings, while also enabling them to reinterpret the findings of modern psychology as if God were the most important reality in human life.

There is currently no psychological studies program like this in the world, and it can be completed in one year. The 18-credit-hour core requirements enable Christians to interpret all psychology according to Christian worldview assumptions and to be able to critique the secular assumptions of mainstream psychology. Students can pick the 12 credit hours of electives based on the areas of psychology they want to focus on. This degree is an excellent way to prepare oneself for entrance into a secular psychology or counseling program.

Master of Arts in Christian Psychological Studies Degree Plan

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