President's Message

The News Magazine of HCU

I think you will find reading this issue of The Pillars to be both enjoyable and inspiring.  I hope you will not only pick out your favorite articles, but, if you have the time, read it through word-for-word.

This edition celebrates many things, and in so doing, it both reminds us of our past and points us to our future.  We have recently celebrated the 20,000th graduate of HBU, an event that providentially took place as we celebrated 50 years of awarding degrees.  We were chartered in 1960, began classes in 1963, graduated our first students in 1967, and just recently, now obviously in 2017, celebrated the 50th reunion of our first graduating class.  What a historic milestone for HBU—and what a blessing and privilege for all of us who were there to see it and be part of it!  And we will have a 50th class reunion to celebrate every year from now on!

As you read many of the articles, you will be amazed at the accomplishments the Lord has allowed us to make.  I think you’ll agree that a lot has happened in the history of this still very young university and that the work of our students, faculty and staff over many years is truly remarkable.  These successes provide a firm foundation for all the things we are moving toward in the future—whether the addition of a college of engineering, the expansion of our doctoral programming (since we are now a comprehensive university), the construction of athletic facilities, the building of new laboratories, the construction of new classrooms (including, with the help of our capital campaign, the Center for Law and Liberty) or the significant expansion of our online offerings.

HBU has experienced a lot of change.  I always enjoy hearing from alumni who say things like “It’s been 10 years (or 20, or 30, or 40!) since I’ve been on campus, and I can’t believe all the things that have been accomplished!”  We really have a lot to be thankful for.  And much more to do.  I tried to put some of this in perspective in my article (see page 47) that draws upon 1 Chronicles 29:10-12.

Thank you so much for all you do for HBU.  We are especially grateful for your prayers and your supportive conversations about us to others.

All blessings to you and yours,

Robert B. Sloan