HCU Online Student Orientation

Get Your Parking Permit

Most online students will not be required to attend courses or events on campus. In some cases, however, online students may be required to complete an intensive or have face-to-face meetings with professors or other faculty members.

In this case, since these visits are short-term in nature, students are able to utilize visitor parking. Unique situations may require an online student to obtain a parking permit. If this applies to you and your program, please carefully review the information below.

Register online for a parking permit

  • Go to HC.edu/OptionalFees
  • Type in your HuskyNet USER ID (your H#)
  • Type in your pin number
  • Select school term
  • Fill out the form about your vehicle

For assistance, call (281) 649-3314.

Your permit may be picked up at any time from the HCU Police Office.

*NOTE:  You must renew your parking sticker each Fall, or you may receive a parking violation if you park on campus! Parking stickers are good for one academic year!