Traffic and Parking

Houston Christian University has adopted a parking and traffic program to create an orderly traffic flow and equitable parking conditions on campus.

Your personal safety, the recognition of the needs of others, campus appearance and applicable laws were prime considerations in the formulation of these regulations. The program is administered by the Houston Christian University Police Department.

Some of those regulations are listed below:

  • Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on Houston Christian University property must register that vehicle. Motorized wheelchairs and authorized HCU vehicles and equipment are exempt. Short-term registration is available through the Police Department. If you do not have a vehicle on campus, then a student parking waiver request form will need to be filled out. The student parking waiver request form will only be accepted on/before the census date of each term.

    Students will become responsible for the parking sticker if the waiver is submitted after the census date. Online students who do not intend to park on property must also fill out and turn in a student parking waiver form.

    Forms can be picked up and turned into the HCU Police Department in the Bradshaw Fitness Center and/or the Student Account’s office in the Brown Administration building office 146.

  • Possession of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking place in a specific lot. To park on HCU property you must have a permit. Parking regulations apply 24 hours a day.

    You may register for a parking permit online with the instructions below or by downloading the vehicle registration form to submit.

    • Register online for a parking permit
    • Go to
    • Type in your HuskyNet USER ID (your H#).
    • Type in your pin number.
    • Select school term.
    • Fill out the form about your vehicle.
    • For assistance call (281) 649-3314.
    • Your permit may be picked up at any time from the HCU Police Department

    *NOTE:  You must renew your student parking sticker each Fall, or you may receive a parking violation if you park on campus!  Student parking stickers are good for one academic year! (Faculty and Staff stickers do not expire.)

    • $150.00 – Fall, Spring and Summer semester
    • $112.50 – Spring and Summer semester
    • $60.00 – Summer semester
    • Go to Husky Net
    • Login with your Husky ID and password
    • Click on parking registration (Decal)
    • Select parking decal fee and choose between Waiver or permit
    • Fill out the form.

    If you prefer, you may download the Parking Fee Wavier form to submit. Your permit may be picked up at any time from the HCU Police Office.

    If you apply for a waiver and later need a parking permit, you may download the Parking Fee Waiver Rescind form for submission.

  • Visitor parking is available in several locations. Failure to display either a permanent or temporary permit does not mean you may park in visitor spaces. License plate numbers of vehicles parked in visitor parking will be monitored. Citations for parking in a visitor space and failure to secure a parking permit will be issued to vehicles belonging to students or their families.

  • Handicap parking is available in designated parking spaces. Parking in handicap parking spaces is not allowed without the handicap permit. An HCU permit is required.

  • The locations of campus parking lots can be seen on the Campus Map.

    • Loading dock behind the M.D. Anderson Student Center
    • Fire lanes
    • No parking zones
    • Grass
    • Sidewalks
    • Along curbs or any spot that would disrupt pedestrian or vehicular traffic
    • “Future Husky” spots are reserved for those individuals who are currently in the admissions process with HCU
  • Emergency Call Boxes are located in lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

    • Sharp Gym: Parking is restricted to special permits issued by the Athletic Director. All others are subject to towing.
    • Glasscock Center: Parking behind the Glasscock is restricted to maintenance personnel only. All others are subject to towing.
    • Loading Zones: These areas are reserved for loading and unloading objects into and from your vehicle. All loading zones are restricted to a maximum 20-minute time limit. Student or faculty usage requires prior approval from the University Police (281-649-3314).
    • Bicycles and motorcycles must be parked in designated areas.
    • Husky Village  parking lots are restricted to residents who have secured a proper sticker authorizing the use of these lots.
  • Sidewalks: Only emergency and HCU vehicles authorized by the University Police are permitted access to the sidewalks. Policies pertaining to vehicular use on sidewalks are in effect 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Authorized vehicles parked on sidewalks must not obstruct sidewalks, stairways or handicap ramps.

    Vehicles using sidewalks must not exceed five miles per hour. All vehicles, except those on emergency calls, must yield right of way to pedestrians

    • Changing, damaging, or moving any traffic sign or signal on HCU property
    • Removing citations from other vehicles
    • Providing false information on vehicle registration documents
    • Disobeying traffic direction given by a police officer
    • Failure to obey traffic signs or barricades
    • There is a minimum fine of $25.00. Fines levied by citations must be paid within 10 working days. Failure to do so will result in doubling of the fine and a charge for the higher amount will be placed on the student or staff member’s account. All fines are paid in the Business Office.
  • Any citation may be appealed by completing an appeal form in writing available from the University Police Department. Appeals must be filed within 10 working days of the issuance of the citation. A $5.00 late fee will be applied if the citation is not appealed within 5 business days from the offense date.

    Appeals will be reviewed by the Chief of Police and further appealed to the Legal Counsel to the President or her designee. A 10-working-day grace period will be allowed for the payment of citations where the appeal is denied. The University reserves the right to withhold the issuance of grade reports and verification of enrollment or HCU transcripts until arrangements have been made with the Business Office for the payment of citations.

  • University Police Officers have the authority to issue citations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may receive a warning citation or a university citation. Both warning and university citations are recorded in the University Police Office. Citations can be issued for any of the following violations.

    • $35 – Illegible parking sticker
    • $50 – No HCU parking sticker
    • $50 – Parked improper lot
    • $50 – Parked improperly (over lane)
    • $50 – Vehicle abandoned
    • $50 – Vehicle not roadworthy
    • $50 – Wrong way
    • $75 – Speeding (up to 15 over posted)
    • $100 – Signage “No Parking”
    • $100 – Stop Violation
    • $100 – Parked on grass/sidewalk
    • $150 – Blocking zone
    • $150 – Speeding (above 15 posted)
    • $200 – Reckless operation
    • $300 – Handicapped zone
    • $300 – Parked in fire lane

    Students who have been issued a ticket are obliged to visit Student Account’s office in the Brown Administration building office 146.

  • University Police Officers are authorized, with the approval of the Chief of Police, to have vehicles towed at the owner’s expense for the following reasons:

    • Vehicles which block the access or egress of others
    • Parking in one location in excess of 7 days
    • Parking of a non-conventional vehicle without the Chief of Police’s approval
    • Unauthorized parking in Handicap Zone
    • Excessive unpaid violations
    • Parking which creates a hazard