Test Center Policies


Examinees coming to HCU do not need to purchase a parking permit or visitor’s pass.  Visitor parking is available in front of the Brown Administrative Complex, and by the football fields.

Directions to Campus

Examinees only need identification, pencil and possibly a calculator and/or payment. All other items will not be allowed for testing.

DO NOT bring any prohibited items into the testing room. HCU is NOT responsible for any of these items, even if they are lost or stolen.

  • No cell phones or any electronic devices with internet capabilities
  • No watches of any kind are allowed
  • Accessories – Examinees are asked to remove scarves, hats, hoodies, coats or any other superfluous accessory, including jewelry (not those worn for religious reasons).
  • Sweaters and jackets will not be worn during testing, except for medical reasons
  • Purses and BackpacksAll personal items must be placed in lockers provided or in another designated area.  Examinees may only have with them a writing utensil, an approved calculator (if applicable), and payment method (if applicable), unless otherwise specified by testing protocol for a specific exam. Once the testing session has begun, examinees are not allowed to look through their purse or backpack until they are finished with their exam.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the testing room.
  • Water is permitted in a clear bottle with all labels removed
  • If suspicious behavior is observed and confirmed, testing staff will fill out an irregularity report documenting the event which could jeopardize the examinee’s score.
  • Be aware that security cameras are present in the Testing Center and are monitored
  • No one is admitted after the testing session begins

Rescheduling and Refunds:

Only under extreme circumstances does the Testing Center allow for rescheduling an exam.  Refunds are not given.


Some exams allow the use of a calculator.  Please check the guidelines for your specific exam to see what is allowed (unless specified, scientific calculators are typically not allowed).  Some tests have a calculator built into the exam.  It is not the responsibility of testing staff to ensure that examinees know how to use a calculator.  Please prepare ahead of time and be aware of the necessary level of technical skill required for your exam.  Examinees are also not allowed to share their calculator with another examinee.  Finally, testing staff do not provide extra calculators or batteries.

Test Requirements:

Please prepare ahead of time for what is required on test day.  Some exams require two forms of ID, separate payment, a username and password, etc.  Extra time will not be allowed, and examinees may be turned away if they do not have the appropriate requirements for their exam.

Test Behavior:

During the test, please do not engage in any suspicious or questionable behavior.  This includes, but is not limited to:  Do not look at another examinee’s computer or test materials, do not talk to other examinees, do not have at your desk any unauthorized materials.  If these or other questionable behaviors are observed, testing staff may remove the examinee from the room, confiscate unauthorized materials, fill out an irregularity report, and whatever other actions are deemed appropriate for the situation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Test Center policies, please feel free to contact us at testing@hbu.edu.