BS in Chemistry

Unravel the mysteries of matter with our comprehensive chemistry major.

Houston Christian University’s Bachelor of Science (BS) in Chemistry degree program provides an in-depth exploration of the elements and reactions that construct our universe. Delving deep into subjects such as biochemistry, general, inorganic, organic, analytical, and physical chemistry, HCU’s chemistry major ensures a holistic grasp of the field.

As a chemistry major at HCU, benefit from extensive lab work and a significant senior research project. Beyond the essentials, we offer enriching internships and research opportunities to enhance your academic experience further.

Under the mentorship of HCU’s esteemed faculty, expand your scientific horizons and uncover and chase your ultimate scientific aspirations. You’ll graduate well-prepared to venture into diverse careers in the chemical sector, armed with both advanced knowledge and unwavering faith.

Chemistry Major Overview and Requirements

In the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program at HCU, you’ll master essential chemistry concepts, paving the way for successful careers in both core chemistry areas and broader fields like medicine. But the learning doesn’t stop at chemistry. Our curriculum enriches minds with comprehensive courses in mathematics, physics, communication, and foundational areas such as philosophy, creating a balanced education.

HCU fosters opportunities to dive into specific sub-fields including physical or organic chemistry and offers hands-on lab experiences in inorganic and biochemistry. Such tailored academic adventures, fused with our faith-driven mission, prime you for the unique career journey ahead.

Chemistry Degree Plan

[PDF] Review the BS in Chemistry degree plan and major requirements.

Chemistry Courses

The bachelor’s in chemistry coursework prepares you in the essential career areas. Courses include:

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Organic Chemistry Lab
  • Biochemistry
  • Introductory Physical Chemistry
  • Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Chemistry Minor

The perspectives of those called to the chemistry coursework at HCU are as broad as the chemical spectrums of life. Students from diverse undergraduate disciplines can pursue a chemistry minor at HCU.

[PDF] Review requirements for the chemistry minor program.

What Can I Do With a BS in Chemistry From Houston Christian University?

HCU’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program crafts rigorous, tailored academic preparation that empowers you to find success in diverse sectors or further your academic pursuits in chemistry or related fields.

As a chemistry graduate, you won’t just blend in; you’ll excel, equipped with the knowledge and ethical compass to lead in the realm of chemical sciences. Whether you envision a role in pharmaceutical development, environmental analysis, or research, our chemistry program molds the path to success.

Career Outcomes

Earning your BS in Chemistry at HCU is more than understanding chemical reactions; it’s launching a promising career.

With a bachelor’s in chemistry, you can land roles such as lab chemist in both private and public sectors. Plus, the well-rounded knowledge you gain sets you up for careers in research, lab management, chemical engineering, and medical fields.

Our graduates are ready to tackle professional challenges with skills to:

  • Predict and analyze chemical reactions
  • Use advanced methods for organic and inorganic synthesis
  • Identify molecules using spectroscopic techniques
  • Handle chemicals safely and efficiently
  • Lead research in the pharmaceutical domain
  • Expertly operate lab equipment
  • Assess the ecological effects of chemical substances

Former HCU chemistry majors excel in diverse roles, especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Many find success as pharmaceutical chemists, analytical chemists, and environmental consultants.

Explore the job opportunities that come with this career and salary information.

Prepare for Graduate Studies and Advanced Health Professions

Backed by realistic lab experiences and rich research opportunities in sought-after areas, you will graduate from the BS in Chemistry program well-placed to seek advanced degrees, such as a Master’s in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, or professional training such as dental or medical school.

If you are called to pursue research positions or transition into teaching or academia, the Professional Experience Office (PXO) is here to assist you. By providing course guidance and advice on which experiences are most pivotal for your desired path, HCU’s advisors can set you on the right trajectory.

Explore pre-professional preparation at the College of Science and Engineering (COSE).

Opportunities for Chemistry Majors

Long-Term Research Projects

From day one, courses introduce applied concepts, not just theoretical ones. Then, during senior year, you will expand your laboratory experience in a self-conceptualized project where you can produce new research.

Outside of course requirements, gain opportunities to collaborate on research initiatives with professors and faculty researchers with terminal degrees in their field, supported by the Robert A. Welch Foundation, one of the biggest private chemical research funds in the nation.

Pursue Internships and Professional Experiences

With space in the curriculum provided by flexible elective course credits, harness HCU’s career connections and resources to pursue a for-credit or for-pay internship experience. We throw our full support behind students raring to get hands-on professional experience with esteemed employers.

Explore internship opportunities at the College of Science and Engineering.

Network and Grow Among Peers and Professionals

Our rich COSE community is unique because of the interactive collaborations between students in different majors. Join others with similar career aspirations or those who bring a new perspective to your favorite hobby or interest.

  • Alpha Epsilon Delta: Pursuing medical school or a career in the health professions? This active organization hosts graduate school tours, guest speaker events, and other social and professional development opportunities.
  • American Chemical Society: Nurture your interest in chemistry and connect with your brilliant future colleagues.
  • American Red Cross: Give back to the Houston community and begin your life of service to healing.

Join science and engineering student clubs and explore organizations across HCU.

Related Degrees

Our career-focused degree pathways are tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Review our program offerings in related scientific areas.

Admissions and Aid

If you’re ready to chart your path in chemistry, HCU welcomes you to apply. Whether you are transferring or attending college for the first time, here are some helpful links for your next steps:

Become a Chemistry Major at Houston Christian University

At HCU, our Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree merges scientific curiosity with deep-rooted faith. Dive into an education where chemistry meets Christian values, preparing you for a purposeful journey ahead.

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