BS in Science Studies

Lay the groundwork for a multifaceted career in scientific knowledge and discovery.

Houston Christian University’s Bachelor of Science (BS) in Science Studies degree program is a general science degree designed to provide a comprehensive scientific foundation. This program invites you to traverse diverse realms of science, capturing the essence of each domain.

Through this interdisciplinary approach, cultivate a broad and holistic understanding of science and prepare for advanced studies in specialized fields or immediate entry into science-related careers.

With our esteemed faculty’s guidance, set against a backdrop of Christian values and teachings, and the advantage of small class sizes boasting a 16:1 student-faculty ratio, your academic journey in science studies at HCU ensures a nurturing, in-depth, and enriching learning experience.

Degree Overview and Requirements

Our BS in Science Studies curriculum stands apart from other bachelor’s degrees in the sciences, offering an integrative exploration of various scientific fields. HCU’s core general education subjects seamlessly blend with scientific learning, providing you with profound knowledge and instilling deep-rooted Christian values.

Embark on a foundational journey across disciplines such as biology, chemistry, computer science, and the social sciences. As you advance, tailor the curriculum to pursue deeper study in scientific fields that intrigue you. Upon completing the program’s 120 credits, enhanced by hands-on lab courses, you graduate well-equipped for a wide range of careers in health, research, or industry.

Degree Plan

[PDF]Review the BS in Science Studies degree plan and requirements.


Take an array of core and elective courses, such as:

  • Introductory Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
  • Medical Humanities
  • General Biology Lab I and II
  • Organic Chemistry I and II
  • General Physics

What Can I Do With a BS in Science Studies From HCU?

A BS in Science Studies from HCU primes you for an array of opportunities. The College of Science and Engineering’s unparalleled faculty and top-tier facilities ensure you gain practical, hands-on experiences vital for real-world applications.

Your broad scientific foundation equips you to venture into sectors like education, industry, research, or public service. As you further your academic or professional journey, you become ready to contribute to pioneering research and initiatives.

At HCU, we don’t just teach science; we shape future innovators and thought leaders, preparing you to leave a lasting mark on the world.

Career and Salary Outcomes

The BS in Science Studies program offers versatile experiences and coursework that pave the way for further academic pursuits in specialized science fields or direct entry into various sectors. This comprehensive training opens doors to roles in:

  • Research labs at universities and industry hubs
  • Healthcare and medical research
  • Environmental consultancy and management
  • Technical positions in the energy sector
  • Quality control in food science and agriculture
  • Roles in government, policy-making, and nonprofit organizations related to science
  • Industries like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and more

Upon graduation, you are ready for a wide range of careers, from lab technician to environmental analyst, research assistant, and beyond, all backed by HCU’s robust foundation in interdisciplinary sciences, hands-on research experiences, and career-focused guidance.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for biological technicians, clinical lab technicians, and forensic science technicians are growing faster than the average across all occupations, ensuring the skills you graduate with are going to remain in demand.

Prepare for Graduate Studies

A BS in Science Studies from HCU isn’t just a degree—it’s a launchpad. Whether you’re eyeing advanced scientific studies or considering roles in environmental management, public health, or forensic science, our curriculum has you covered.

Our blend of rigorous academics and dedicated mentorship ensures a smooth transition to graduate programs or specialized professions. And if you’re plotting your next steps, HCU’s Professional Experience Office (PXO) offers invaluable guidance and resources, preparing you for the landscape of science careers. Dive into the PXO and gear up for your future in the vast world of science.

Opportunities for Science Studies Majors

Build Comprehensive Scientific Foundation

At HCU, our BS in Science Studies program offers more than just textbook knowledge. The curriculum, rooted in real-world application and interdisciplinary exploration, delves into the realms of biology, chemistry, physics, and more.

This holistic approach provides a sturdy foundation for diverse scientific pursuits. Whether you aim to specialize in a specific field or weave between them, our program equips you with the intellectual tools and insights to navigate the ever-evolving world of science with confidence and proficiency.

Undergraduate Research

Research is a cornerstone of the student experience within HCU’s College of Science and Engineering. We don’t just reserve hands-on research for graduate students but champion you as an undergraduate sciences studies major to work on genuine research projects.

Guided by our esteemed faculty, passionate students may have the opportunity to join research teams conducting groundbreaking work. Express your interest and our advisors and professors will steer you toward maximizing these unique opportunities, setting the stage for future academic and professional successes.

Learn more about undergraduate research.

Personalized Mentorship and Guidance

For science studies majors, mentorship shines brightly as our unwavering commitment. Our dedicated faculty passionately guides each student, ensuring you’re more than just a name on a roster. You may also turn to our career center—a compass to direct your professional journey. There, uncover pathways and opportunities just for you.

Explore Career and Calling services and resources at HCU.

Related Degrees

At HCU, you tailor your academic path by choice and passion. Dive into our offerings to find the discipline that resonates with your aspirations.

Admissions and Aid

Choose a captivating exploration into the diverse realms of science with the BS in Science Studies at Houston Christian University.

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Become a Science Studies Major at Houston Christian University

HCU’s BS in Science Studies degree program is a rich tapestry of scientific learning ideal for success in evolving scientific career paths.

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