Biology (BS)

Dive deep into life’s blueprints with our transformative biology major.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology degree program at Houston Christian University serves as a gateway to exploring the magnificent intricacies of life and the design of the universe.

In embracing biological scholarship and work, we unearth the complexities of organisms, ecosystems, and the human body and encourage you to pursue answers with scientific vigor and spiritual reverence. HCU’s College of Science and Engineering demonstrates strong affinities with areas including health, medicine, veterinary care, vegetation and horticulture applications, and technology.

As a biology major at Houston Christian University, leading faculty guide you in fusing the natural world’s wonders with the Christian values that shape us, paving the way for a fulfilling career and a life rich in purpose.

Biology Major Requirements

In the BS in Biology degree program, study a curriculum built on general education courses covering philosophy, humanities, rhetoric, basic math, and theological tradition to more effectively apply scientific knowledge to discover and uphold truths in the natural world.

The minimum credit requirement for a Bachelor of Science in Biology at HCU is 125 course credits—a balance between core major courses, biology electives in specialty areas of the field, and general education classes.

Degree Plan

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Biology Courses

Complete laboratory experiences and examine biological topics in courses including:

  • Cell & Molecular Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics
  • Research in Biology

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Biology Minor

Contributing to a campus-wide understanding of the creation around us, students in other undergraduate majors can pursue HCU’s biology minor.

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What Can I Do With a BS in Biology From Houston Christian University?

Earning a BS in Biology at Houston Christian University displays strength in the biomedical and biotechnology areas of the field, driven by insights of distinguished faculty and interdisciplinary collaboration with their College of Science and Engineering (COSE) classmates.

Career Outcomes and Opportunities

Undergraduate biology foundations rooted in expert perspectives and influenced by technological fields prepare you to pursue callings in sectors including health professions, research, higher education, and industry after completion of the BS in Biology degree program.

You may follow in the footsteps of program graduates who have become physicians, dentists, professors, biological technicians, researchers, teachers, nurses, and more. You too can make a difference in fields such as allied health, quality control, ecology, animal and plant science, consulting, lab management, forensics, education, energy, and related sales areas.

Through robust undergraduate research opportunities and specialized career advising and assistance, graduate with confidence, prepared to take the next step.

Pre-Professional Program Preparation

Biology is a popular subject to study in pursuit of advanced professional training in health and medicine, as well as in biomedical or biochemical research, education, and more. Advanced roles in the biomedical and biological sciences that require further education beyond a bachelor’s in biology include:

  • Medical Doctor
  • Physical Therapist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Optometrist
  • Pharmacist
  • Dentist
  • Veterinarian

Our biology major emphasizes cell and molecular biology, microbiology, and animal systems, preparing you for advanced studies in related fields. If this is your path, you can further enhance your professional readiness by participating in specialized advising offered by the College of Science and Engineering.

In addition to advising for undergraduate degree academic requirements, receive close support and guidance in preparation for graduate, medical, or dental school applications, health professions programs, internships, and even your first job.

Explore resources and advising at the Professional Experience Office (PXO).

Opportunities for Biology Majors

Academic Achievement and Honors Biology Program

If you aim to set yourself apart academically, the College of Science and Engineering offers departmental honors for biology majors who take on and complete exceptional academic accomplishments in order to graduate with distinction on their diplomas.

Learn about the Honors College experience at HCU.

You can further enhance their academic achievement by choosing a minor area of study that aligns with a desired graduate program, career, field of research, or personal curiosity. For example, check out HCU’s a minor in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics.

Research and Networking Opportunities

As a biology major at HCU, you’ll collaborate closely with faculty members who hold doctorates from renowned institutions and are recognized for their contributions to scientific publications and research advancements. Beyond classroom concepts, you can engage in faculty-led projects or develop your own studies to address the questions they wish to answer.

Whether in lab courses or independent research, collaboration with HCU faculty provides mentoring and learning experiences that foster both academic and professional growth in a Christian environment, integrating principles of faith with biological sciences.

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Student Clubs and Honor Societies

Across campus and within the College of Science and Engineering, access new relationships and build leadership skills through a variety of student clubs, organizations, and academic honor societies.

HCU empowers you to increase your volunteer experiences, career preparation, and community involvement through organizations and affinity groups, including:

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Admissions and Aid

If you are a first-year or transfer student you can seek an uplifting educational experience as a biology major at Houston Christian University.

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Become a Biology Major at Houston Christian University

Graduate from the BS in Biology degree program at HCU and emerge as a steward of life, endowed with scientific mastery to engage the intricacies of the world, shepherded by an institution committed to your success and well-being.

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