Course Evaluation Information

Houston Christian University currently utilizes Anthology – Campus Labs to administer, collect, and evaluate student course evaluations. Students are encouraged to complete course evaluations for all of their courses during the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.

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Having technical difficulties? 

If the faculty, administrator, or student portal access links are not working, please copy and paste the specific portal links into a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. If it still is not working, then please delete the computer’s browsing history and cache. Once this is done, copy and paste the link once more. If issues continue to persist, please contact the Anthology Support team by email at or by phone at (800) 483-9106.

Anthology - Campus Labs Course Evaluation Information

Please click on the various tabs for information regarding the different Anthology - Campus Labs course evaluation user roles, course evaluation survey, timeline of a typical course evaluation administration, and helpful links.

HCU has chosen the IDEA online course evaluations to collect feedback from students regarding their courses. Please know that each student’s input is extremely important as it is carefully considered by faculty, department chairs, deans, and the Office of the Provost to specifically make improvements to the courses. However, at no time will students be personally identified with their responses. Students’ honest feedback helps HCU in its efforts to continually improve instruction.

Faculty are notified of the completion rate during the process; however, at no time are students individually identified as having completed the evaluation. This information helps faculty improve the courses and is an important part of the SACSCOC accreditation process.

Accessing course evaluations

Students can access their course evaluations via the course evaluation link within their Blackboard accounts, by using their HCU email and password to log into the Anthology – Campus Labs student portal, or by clicking on the course evaluation link that is provided in the emails that are sent out by the Office of the Provost. All course evaluations can be completed on a computer or mobile device, and are typically available 2-3 weeks before the end of finals.

Common Questions: 

Question: How do I access, complete, or edit my course evaluations?
Answer: Please read the Student Basics support article.

Question: Why am I not receiving emails for course evaluations from the Office of the Provost?
Answer: If your course is an Internship, Externship, Independent Study, or has fewer than three students enrolled, then your course is not evaluated in order to protect student anonymity. If your course does not meet the above exclusions, then please check your clutter folder in your HCU email account for the emails.

Question: I am in the process of completing my evaluations, but I noticed that the wrong courses are listed. How do I fix this?
Answer: Please email Danny Muntean ( He will assist you in making sure you are able to evaluate the correct courses.

Question: Are my responses anonymous?
Answer: Yes, students will not be identified by name with their submissions.

Question: Why am I still receiving email messages?
Answer: Reminder email messages will be received until all surveys have received responses.

Question: I missed the deadline. Am I still able to submit an evaluation?
Answer: Once the course evaluation deadlines passes for a particular semester, it cannot be re-opened or receive late evaluations.