The Academy at HCU

Transformative Classes for Junior High and High Schoolers

The Academy at Houston Christian University offers a rich and rewarding junior high and high school education for those enrolled in public or private institutions and for those that are homeschooled. The Academy combines the resources, faculty, and accreditation of a university with a curriculum and staff devoted to teenage students.

The Academy is committed to integrated humanities courses in the grand tradition of classical education. Through The Academy, students carefully read the primary works of the great thinkers in the Western tradition and interact with their instructor and fellow students in a discussion-based, student-driven, dynamic Socratic classroom environment.

By partnering with schools and homeschool parents, we provide a way to enrich and empower your student’s education, through your school, at home, or on our HCU campus.

The Academy Distinctives

Full-time, classically trained, dedicated Christian faculty, with 300+ hours of experience in Great Books education.

Dual-enrollment, allowing the student to earn transferable college credit from HCU while engaged in a rich high school education.

Education for the whole soul; Academy classes invite the student to incorporate their heart and soul into their work, knowing that these are as important and as much worth educating as their mind.

Exclusive learning opportunities through HCU, such as faculty lectures, concerts, and plays.

Automatic acceptance into the Honors College at HCU, with Academy faculty recommendation.

A community of friends and mentors, built around mutual love of Christ and a life of learning.

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