Museum of The Bible Executive Visits Campus

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Museum of The Bible Executive Visits Campus

Museum of the Bible is a one-billion-dollar project currently under construction in Washington D.C., only three blocks from our nation’s Capitol. In November of this year, the museum will open its doors to visitors from around the globe.

Fundraising for such a project was not for the faint of heart. Tim Smith serves as vice president of development for Museum of the Bible. Tim carries more than 30 years of nonprofit and fundraising experience, authored the book Donors are People Too, and is currently working on From 1,000 to 1 Billion, detailing his career story from his first fundraising campaign in the 1970s to his current project with Museum of the Bible.

While visiting the HBU campus, Tim spoke at convocation, taught two management classes and shared with faculty from the School of Christian Thought. Tim shared with us some of his favorite aspects of the Museum of the Bible project. “The scope and scale of this project has given us an audience with phenomenal people. We are non-sectarian so we’ve been able to build donors with Catholic, Protestant and Jewish traditions. The ability to get all of those people together and agree to leave their disagreements outside of the room and focus on where they centralize around the Bible has been amazing. I think it will be one of the most collaborative things that ever comes together in our lifetime.”

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