4 Reasons Why You Should Attend HBU: Reason 2

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4 Reasons Why You Should Attend HBU: Reason 2

A Faith-Based University in Houston

REASON 2:Liberal Arts Degrees Continue to Prove Their Worth

How Pay Stacks Up Median annual earnings for select liberal-arts and other degrees, based on years of experience

In a 2015 NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) survey, employers were asked to define the most important resume traits of candidates. The survey found that technical skills were ranked tenth while teamwork, writing skills, strong oral communication, and problem-solving aptitude were four of the top five ranked traits—all of which are distinctive features of traditional liberal arts education. In this technological age, marketing, communications and sales jobs have risen dramatically. A desire for liberal arts majors is not limited to these fields as many employers have found that it is easier to train strong writers in other skills than to train technically oriented candidates to be strong writers.

In addition, while liberal arts majors generally start with lower salaries, many times the income gap closes as careers progress.


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