Pillar Three... A Bold Statement of Growth

The News Magazine of HCU

Pillar three of HBU’s Ten Pillars is a bold statement of how we intend to Embrace the Challenge of Christian Graduate Education.  One of the most important ways to trace progress and measure effectiveness is in growth of programs and students.  Growth is evidence of increasing comprehensiveness of HBU’s educational offerings and its impact on the community.

In the last five years HBU has been blessed to have an increase in graduate students in every Fall semester.  Added up, the change has been dramatic with 594 additional students enrolled n Fall 2016 vs. Fall 2011.  In five years, HBU’s graduate student population has grown by over 172 percent.  There are currently over nine hundred students in HBU’s Graduate School obtaining advanced degrees and who are preparing themselves for leadership in the professional world.

A key reason reason for the growth is the increase in the number and types of programs at HBU.  Under the leadership of Dr. Sloan, HBU has started programs in Biblical Languages, Fine Arts, Philosophy, International Business and Apologetics.  In addition, HBU celebrated two important milestones in Fall 2016.  First, HBU’s first doctoral program, the Doctor of Education in Executive Educational Leadership welcomed its first cohort.  Second, HBU founded Houston Theological Seminary and began offering the Master of Divinity degree program.  Next year looks to be another year of growth as HBU expands the graduate online offerings and plans to offer graduate programs in the School of Nursing and Allied Health.

Our communities need Christian universities to step up to the challenge of educating graduate students and preparing the next generation of scholars.  HBU is meeting this responsibility and sending out students trained at a university that affirms that all the different areas of study were made through Christ and for Him.

HBU has experienced:

  • an increase of 24 percent in students in the School of Christian Thought compared to Spring 2015,
  • strong growth in the College of Education and Behavioral Science with a total student population of 496 with an 8 percent growth in the Master of Arts in Counseling and a 9 percent growth in the Master of Education programs and
  • increased demand in the Master of International Business program which saw the greatest year over year increase of 17 percent.