Welcome to Houston

The News Magazine of HCU

Houston evokes many emotions. Maybe your lifelong dreams of space draw you to the Johnson Space Center, favorite memories of the Apollo missions (or watching the movies), or reciting the infamous line, “Houston, we have a problem.”

Or perhaps as a sports fan, you think of the Houston Texans and Bob McNair; the Houston Astros and the famous, first-of-its-kind Astrodome; or the Houston Rockets.

You could be someone who only visits this sprawling metropolis of concrete and highways when the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo – the largest of its kind – is in town. Perhaps your first thought is honking horns and horrible traffic. Maybe you’re a resident, and you just want Highway 290 to be finished already. (I’m with you.)

Perhaps your love of shopping pulls you into the Houston Galleria, a marvel of architecture and mixed development when it was first introduced in mostly open country. You could also just think of oil, business, and generosity, for Houston has been named one of the most generous cities in the country multiple times. Perhaps you think of the Houston Symphony, the Houston Grand Opera, the Houston Ballet or the Alley Theatre.

How did I forget? Maybe you just think of the monstrosity this metropolitan area is with more than six million people! So many emotions are evoked because so much is here, including us—Houston Baptist University.

The old adage “location, location, location” is also true for universities, and we firmly believe that our location in Houston gives our students an advantage both while they are here and after they graduate. We are a University in an international megacity, and we have tapped into the thriving networks of business, healthcare, education, trade and energy that will launch our students into the world. Throughout this magazine, notice the bits of Houston trivia and learn how Houston’s opportunities are important for our students as they prepare for their careers and lives.