Unanswered Tour-50 States, 3 years, Turn the Tide

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Unanswered Tour-50 States, 3 years, Turn the Tide

Unanswered Tour with Christian Thinkers Society and Museum of the Bible

Biblical literacy is at an all-time low, and it would seem that most Christians know enough about the Bible to be dangerous. Houston Baptist University is committed to the truths of Biblical scripture; part of maintaining that commitment is helping people know what the Bible says. Christian Thinkers Society (CTS)—a resident institute of HBU—has partnered with Museum of the Bible (MOTB) to launch the Unanswered Tour that will cross the 50 states in three years.

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston, president of CTS, author of Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions, and HBU faculty member will host the tour events. Jeremiah is known for his unique communication skills and his infectious love for people, as well as his dedication to sharing the truth of scripture with as many people as possible. Last year, Jeremiah and the Unanswered tour traveled across the United States to churches in Texas, Oregon, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, and more.

Museum of the Bible will be on hand during each stop of the tour to give an overview of what guests may expect during a visit to the 430,000 square foot museum opening in Washington D.C. in fall 2017. It is the global initiative of MOTB to create a safe and neutral space where people are encouraged to engage with the history, narrative and impact of the Bible. When they are available, MOTB President Cary Summers and Chief Development Officer Tim Smith will join Jeremiah on the tour.

Jeremiah Johnston explained how the CTS/MOTB partnership furthers the missions of both organizations. “This tour is about turning back the tide of biblical illiteracy that is rampant throughout our country. The Museum of the Bible is about engaging people with the Bible. Christian Thinkers Society challenges people to have a thinking faith. We can’t have a thinking faith without knowing what the Word of God has to say, so it is a perfect match.”

The Unanswered 50-State Tour starts on the west coast in March. You can learn more about CTS at christianthinkers.com.

In addition, Houston Baptist University will be promoted in every church the tour visits. The potential impact of this tour on HBU is immeasurable. Please pray for the Unanswered tour, that God would use HBU, Christian Thinkers Society, and Museum of the Bible to change lives across the 50 states and the world.