BA in Biblical Languages

Unlock meaning in ancient Greek and Hebrew as a foundation for careers and further study.

Houston Christian University offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biblical Languages degree program as well as a minor, ideal for students with a serious interest in Biblical traditions, ministry vocations, and graduate and doctoral programs in Biblical languages and other areas including the Old Testament, New Testament, Greek, Hebrew, and Early Christianity.

In the bachelor’s degree program in Biblical languages at HCU, you’ll open your mind, heart, and spirit to the original languages of the Holy Bible. Through the intimate study of Greek and Hebrew grammar and passages of Scripture, layers of meaning and revelation begin to emerge.

Join us to advance the academic study of the Word or apply language skills directly through a seminary, education, or ministry career path. By pursuing mastery of Greek and Hebrew, you hold the key to understanding the culture and society surrounding the birth of our faith and drawing humanity nearer to the messages of the Lord.

Biblical Languages Major Overview and Requirements

The Biblical Languages major at HCU offers a comprehensive and spiritually enriching journey through the foundational texts of Christianity, combining academic rigor with a deep commitment to faith. This 120-credit program is specifically designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the original languages of the Bible: Hebrew and Greek.

The program also includes a course in General Linguistics to enhance understanding of language structures, culminating in a Senior Seminar for advanced textual analysis. This major not only equips you with linguistic skills but also integrates faith with learning, preparing you for diverse roles in academia, ministry, or related fields.

Degree Plan

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Biblical Greek and Hebrew Courses

As a Biblical languages major you’ll enhance your scriptural understanding through engaging with specific Biblical texts and exploring different authors within the Bible. The program culminates in a Senior Seminar, where you demonstrate your proficiency and depth of understanding through rigorous textual analysis and discussion.

Courses in the BA in Biblical Studies include:

  • Hebrew Grammar I and II
  • Greek Grammar I and II
  • General Linguistics
  • Hebrew Reading & Syntax I and II
  • Greek Reading & Syntax I and II

Biblical Languages Minor

The 15-credit Biblical Languages minor program offers a focus on either Greek or Hebrew. By complementing your chosen HCU major program with a minor in either of these languages, you can gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and enhance your critical thinking and communication skills through translation.

What Can I Do With a BA in Biblical Languages from HCU?

Many of our Biblical Languages majors have gone on to engage in master’s and doctoral degree programs in Biblical language, divinity, and theology at top graduate schools including Cambridge University, Yale University, Rice University, the University of Vermont, and Truett Seminary.

The interdisciplinary skills you gain in core and general education coursework also prepare you to pursue careers such as pastor, missionary, Bible translator, instructor, worship leader, and youth minister in church and school settings across the world.

Career and Salary Outcomes

In the BA in Biblical Languages degree program, you’ll develop highly sought-after expertise interpreting ancient texts and archives while cultivating versatility spanning ministry, counseling, education, and more.

Graduates of the Biblical Languages major or minor pursue fruitful careers in areas such as:

  • Education and academia: Translate language skills into instructional roles within religious schools, universities, seminaries, and related educational institutions. You may teach in theology, classics, and history areas in K-12 schools, as well.
  • Pastoral ministry: Serve in roles like associate pastor, youth pastor, or Christian education director, shepherding others in their lives and relationships with God.
  • Mission and outreach: Participate in the translation of Scripture into new languages, developing curriculum for international people groups, and making disciples or pastoring on the mission field in other nations.

Salary outcomes for Biblical Languages majors vary based on location, years of experience, and other factors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary for members of the clergy is $50,400 per year.

If you’re interested in continuing your education, pursuing graduate studies provides additional salary potential. Academic careers bring rewarding salaries, with the BLS reporting an $80,840 annual average income for college professors, and higher earnings after gaining experience or obtaining tenure. The top tier of Biblical Language professors make over $122,000 annually, according to Comparably. In addition, many senior pastors and executive directors of religious programs and organizations report higher incomes after experience in the role or specialized graduate study.

Prepare for Master’s and Doctoral Programs

If you major in Biblical Languages at HCU, you can count on the support of field-leading faculty members who are willing to write recommendation letters for your graduate school applications. Moreover, you can take advantage of opportunities to conduct extensive research, improve your writing and presentation skills, and connect with other scholars and professionals in the field.

These considerations prepare you to pursue graduate studies in degree programs such as:

For more services and resources that help you take the next step in your career and education, explore the Department of Student Success and the Office of Career and Calling.

Opportunities for Biblical Languages Majors

Continue To Top Graduate Certificate and Degree Programs

HCU’s School of Christian Thought offers ten different graduate certificates and master’s and doctoral degrees in multiple in-demand fields. Our graduate certificates are designed to expand your experience and knowledge and act as a stepping stone to master’s and doctoral degree programs.

As a biblical languages major, you have exceptional access to pursuing these advanced graduate certificates and degrees at a respected, Christ-centered university.

Explore graduate certificates and degree programs in the School of Christian Thought.

School of Christian Thought Undergraduate Scholarships

Houston Christian University’s deep ties to alumni, the local community, and academic contributions in Christian thought provide our undergraduate students with multiple discipline-specific scholarship opportunities.

Review the School of Christian Thought’s undergraduate scholarships and learn how to apply to each.

Conferences, Events, and Networking Opportunities

Along with the rich spiritual life of our campus and numerous clubs and organizations that meet your multitude of passions, HCU’s School of Christian Thought makes concrete your learning experience through hosting and facilitating participation in events, conferences, and lectures.

From meeting with groups on campus to traveling to industry events, discover the community and career enhancement opportunities that fuel your advancement through graduate school and your career, from the HCU Theology Conference to guest speakers.

Explore organizations within the School of Christian Thought and our events and conferences.

Related Programs

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Admissions and Aid

Our admissions team invites you to connect with any questions on starting your journey. Discover the power of studying the languages of ancient knowledge as a building block for careers and further study in religion, theology, and biblical archaeology.

Pursue a Biblical Languages Major or Minor at Houston Christian University

If you feel called to interpret and translate ancient Greek and Hebrew, understand scripture through its original languages, and share it with the world, Houston Christian University welcomes you to our Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Languages degree program.

Take the first step toward the gift of biblical languages guided by devoted Christ-centered mentors. Apply to HCU’s biblical languages major today.