BA in Classics

Study ancient civilizations and texts in a program that resonates with contemporary questions of faith and existence.

Houston Christian University’s (HCU) Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Classics degree program stands out for its confident approach to integrating the study of ancient civilizations and Greek and Latin languages, offering a unique perspective on the classical world that is academically robust and spiritually enriching.

Through a flexible hybrid format, students interested in the intersection between the classical world and the early Christian movement not only study the languages and literature of the classical world but also develop a nuanced understanding of their impact on modern culture and thought.

As a Classics major, learn to accurately interpret the Old Testament, New Testament, and essential Greek and Latin literature and critically integrate historical context in projects that open career opportunities and PhD and graduate studies. Our graduates emerge as thoughtful leaders, ready to contribute with wisdom and insight in academia, ministry, or any field that values depth of knowledge and clarity of thought.

The field of classical studies encompasses the study of ancient Greek and Roman civilization. An important focus of the  Classics major is the study of the Greek and Latin languages. The Classics degree also includes study of ancient Greek and Roman literature, history, philosophy, archaeology.

Classics Major Overview and Requirements

Offered in three tracks focused on either civilizations or languages, the 120-credit Classics major program at HCU immerses you in the depths of classical studies, Greek, and Latin while also offering enriching courses in history, philosophy, mythology, literature, linguistics of ancient texts, and cultural studies. Our curriculum educates and inspires, blending rigorous academic study with a profound engagement with faith matters, theology, and practice.

In addition to specialized courses tailored to your chosen program track, you complete a general liberal arts core that ensures a well-rounded educational experience. This core foundation equips you with critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills essential in any professional or academic endeavor.

Degree Plans and Program Tracks

The three program tracks, Civilization, Languages or Latin, allow you to focus the Classics program coursework in ancient history or cultures or take on more in-depth language training.

Classics Minor

Classical studies make a great addition to almost any other HCU major. The Classics minor is 18 credit hours and covers critical topics related to the Greek and Roman worlds, philosophy and hermeneutics, and the history of Christianity.

Review requirements for the Classics minor program.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor of Arts in Classics From HCU?

Our bachelor’s degree in Classics program allows students to learn integral critique, synthesis, and cultural interpretation skills that support graduate studies and careers in the medical and legal professions, education and teaching careers, and many more paths.

Career and Salary Outcomes

The BA in Classics degree program at HCU constructs transferable, far-reaching skills that transform students into highly competent professional researchers, teachers, professors, writers, ministers, missionaries, and more. Classics majors can pursue rewarding careers as Bible translators, curate museum or archival collections, enter ministry, and even find roles in technical and scientific areas.

Our graduates have gone on to hold graduate fellowships, post-doc positions, and faculty research positions at esteemed institutions, including Rice University, Truett Seminary, University of Vermont, Cambridge University, Bible College of the South, Yale University, Trinity College, and also in nonprofit and missionary organizations or ministries.

With a bachelor’s degree in Classics, you can pursue roles with the following average annual salaries, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):

Going on to graduate programs leads to higher salaries, as advanced education and experience improve your earning potential. According to the BLS, historians earn an average of $64,450 annually, and college professors across all fields earn $80,840 annually on average.

The unique background of the Classics major provides a robust foundation for going on to law or medical degrees, setting you apart from other applicants and enhancing the ethical and philosophical thinking that improves success in these high-earning fields.

Opportunities for Classics Majors

Prepare for Graduate and Professional Degree Programs

Our Classics program graduates possess excellent reading, writing, and critical thinking skills essential for succeeding in master’s or PhD programs. Experienced faculty provide close mentorship during the application process, and our undergraduate students have opportunities to gain research experience. As a result, our BA in Classics graduates have pursued doctoral studies in philosophy, divinity, theological studies, Greek and Latin, biblical languages and linguistics, Mediterranean religions, and more.

Explore Houston Christian University’s graduate degrees in related fields:

It’s not only our faculty that boosts the next step in your career. The Department of Student Success and the Office of Career and Calling both offer services to help you navigate the application process for graduate programs.

Secondary Areas of Study and Teacher Preparation

The flexible hybrid Classics degree program can be an excellent foundation for a career in math, science, art, writing, or any other field that interests you, especially when paired with elective selections, minors, or double degrees in another area. Additionally, HCU’s College of Education and Behavioral Sciences offers a comprehensive educator preparation program for students interested in becoming certified to teach in public schools or learn more about the profession of teaching religion, classical studies, or theology at education- or faith-based institutions.

Networking, Lecture, and Conference Opportunities

The School of Christian Thought takes pride in its strong connections with the Houston community and beyond. Classics majors experience numerous opportunities to participate in clubs, learn about professional organizations, and attend conferences, lectures, and other events. These experiences allow you to network and learn in real-world settings and connect you with esteemed alums, guest speakers, and visiting leaders in Classical studies.

Explore conferences and events and review our organizations and partnerships.

Related Programs

You might discover your passion as a Classics major, but the School of Christian Thought offers a variety of undergraduate degree programs that prioritize biblical and theological studies.

Admissions and Aid

As you endeavor to uncover the knowledge of ancient and classical civilizations and languages as a foundation for diverse, rewarding career paths, learn the next steps to apply to HCU as a Classics major.

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Pursue a Classics Major or Minor at Houston Christian University

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