Polemics within Judaism: Negotiating Boundaries in 2nd Temple Judaism

2023 HCU Theology Conference

Feb 23-24, 2023 

Houston Theological Seminary at Houston Christian University is pleased to host a conference on
Polemics within Judaism, exploring the nature and stakes of Jewish, intramural debate and critique in 2nd Temple Judaism. Three keynote speakers, ranging from representative to critical, will discuss the interpretative school commonly labeled Paul within Judaism.

Lynn Cohick (Northern Seminary)
Dr. Cohick holds degrees from Messiah College (Grantham, PA) (B.A.) and the University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D.). Lynn began her teaching career at Messiah College. Her first seminary teaching experience occurred at the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (Nairobi, Kenya), where she taught pastors and church leaders from across the continent of Africa. Lynn taught New Testament at Wheaton College for 18 years, after which she served as Provost and Academic Dean at Denver Seminary.

Rafael Rodríguez (Johnson University)
Rafael Rodriguez is Professor of New Testament in the School of Bible and Theology at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN. His Ph.D. is from the University of Sheffield. His research has focused on questions of early Christian tradition, especially on the interface between Hebrew biblical tradition and the stories from and about Jesus.

Jason Staples
(NC State University)
Jason A. Staples (Ph.D., UNC-Chapel Hill) is an author, historian, speaker, journalist, voice actor, and former American football coach. He is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at NC State University and the author of The Idea of Israel in Second Temple Judaism: A New Theory of People, Exile, and Israelite Identity (Cambridge University Press, 2021), Paul and the Resurrection of Israel: Jews, Former Gentiles, Israelites (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2023), and numerous articles.


The post-exilic and Second Temple period generated considerable debate among Israelites, Samaritans, and Jews over intramural matters, including covenantal and genealogical boundaries, proper halakha and purity practices, and opinions about the temple(s) in Jerusalem and elsewhere. Israel’s prophets confront the people and their leaders; a cohort in Elephantine worships in a temple outside of Jerusalem; sectarian documents from Qumran protest against “the seekers of smooth things”; Josephus names various Jewish “philosophies” distinguished by practices and the status ascribed to the Law and traditions; Jesus begins his career with a call to repent and pronounces woes on the scribes and Pharisees; and rabbinic texts record conflicts and benign differences between Sadducees, Pharisees, and various teachers. What are the topics of discussion, the reading strategies that distinguish them, and what is at stake?

This conference invites proposals for papers discussing dynamics of intramural critique/debate among various Israelite/Samaritan/Jewish/Christian groups across a broad body of texts and evidence, from Hebrew Bible to early Rabbinic material and everything in between. We intend to explore the wide range of differences and contested identities and behaviors amidst expressions of 2nd Temple/early Judaism.

We invite proposals of ca. 300 words for papers to be delivered in 30 minute increments (Q/A included). Proposals should be submitted to Paul T. Sloan (psloan@hbu.edu) by 12/12/2022. The conference will meet Feb 23–24, 2023 in Houston, TX, on HCU campus. Participation is possible in-person and digitally. Registration for residential participation is $30 for Standard registration, $15 for Graduate students, and $10 for digital.

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