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About the College of Science and Engineering (COSE)


The purpose of the Houston Christian University College of Science and Engineering is to build engineers and scientists for tomorrow who employ biblical principles for solving problems, discover truth in the created world, and serve God and man.


The vision of the College of Science and Engineering at HCU is to be the best in the world at integrating fundamental principles of science, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with historic Christian values and standards to serve God and mankind (Faith). This uniquely positions HCU as a preparer of ethical and highly qualified talent for the workforce, the community and the world.


The mission of the College is to develop scientists and engineers who will utilize God-given resources and talents to serve humanity by solving scientific and technical challenges efficiently and effectively. The College will prepare students in a nurturing, Christian environment for careers and further education to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and humanity by making the world healthier, more productive and more secure. Graduates will be able to solve problems and communicate solutions effectively.

History of the College

In 1973, the Bachelor of Science degree first became available to students at Houston Christian University. The College of Science and Health Professions was established to administer science-related degrees. The nursing and health programs were separated in 1991, creating the College of Science and Mathematics and the Linda Dunham School of Nursing.

Houston Christian University recognized the growing need for engineers and information specialists who understand how to incorporate complex, state-of-the-art technologies in the systems that they design, implement and secure. To meet the need for Houston’s energy, computing/software/information, maritime, manufacturing, healthcare, financial and aerospace industries, HCU established a College of Engineering in the fall of 2018 to offer Bachelor of Science degrees in Cyber Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

To leverage synergies and collaboration between science and engineering programs, the College of Science and Engineering was established in 2019 from the merger of these two Colleges. The primary purpose of this change has been to enhance the learning environment of our students and to position us to be on the leading edge of science and engineering education. We have created an environment in which there are strong interdisciplinary interactions between faculty in engineering, mathematics and the sciences. These faculty members work together seeking areas for enhancement in curricula, assessment, research, learning, advising, and the many other processes that impact the quality of the educational experience. With a new interdisciplinary organization, these interactions occur naturally, and collaborations are paving the way for powerful transformations.

Strategic Plan

To support the progression of the purpose, vision, and mission of the College of Science and Engineering, a strategic plan was developed for implementation through years 2020-2025.  Designed to Build Engineers and Scientists for Tomorrow, the COSE Strategic Plan employs five key priorities (student success, faith integration, meaningful growth, inspirational partnerships, and innovation).  View the entire College of Science and Engineering Strategic Plan.