Best Preparation for Success in Science and Engineering at HCU

Take Challenging Math and Science Classes in High School

In college, science and engineering majors take a rigorous course load that’s packed with math and science. Prepare yourself by taking the most challenging math and science classes available at your high school.

Plan on taking a full four years of MATH (Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus). Also take a full four years of core science courses like Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Lastly, any honors and advanced placement classes will make a big impact on your academic readiness.

MATH Placement at HCU

The first year experience in the College of Science and Engineering at HCU allows majors to get started right away in project-based or other hands-on learning. To be eligible for all of the courses available to science and engineering majors in the first semester, students should have an SAT of 1130 or higher (equivalent to ACT of 23 or higher) and should place into MATH 1434 (Pre-Calculus) or higher. HCU uses the ALEKS placement test ( to determine the earliest MATH course that the student is prepared to complete successfully. A score of 71 or above on a proctored (monitored) ALEKS placement test, available multiple dates at the HCU Testing Center, allows a student to start with Pre-Calculus. The ALEKS system also provides remediation and training exercises that facilitate students obtaining a higher placement, while learning or refreshing important math skills. This helps students to advance to the highest math course as rapidly as possible.

Participate in STEM-Related Extracurricular Activities

One way to demonstrate and increase your passion for STEM is to participate in relevant extracurricular activities. Take full advantage of any special opportunities available to you. Examples include:

  • STEM Clubs (e.g. Engineering, Math, Chemistry or Physics, Robotics)
  • Biology or Health (HOSA) Club
  • Coding Club
  • Tutoring other students in math and science
  • Attending a science or math camp
  • Becoming a counselor at a local science/math camp

Apply for Scholarship Opportunities

You can never be too financially prepared for college. Pursuing scholarship opportunities can help reduce the costs associated with your tuition, especially if you start applying early.  HCU is pleased to offer $650,000 to support up to 130 students in high-demand STEM-related academic programs through the Grace Hopper Scholarship. To learn more about the eligibility requirements and apply, click here.