Annual Silver Tea Scholarship Fundraiser

In September of 1992, The Guild, under the leadership of Grace Gandy, held a Tea at the home of Mrs. Eddy Scurlock.  The spontaneous generosity of those who attended began a new tradition.  Since then, The Guild has held an annual Silver Tea.

What is a Silver Tea? Historically, the traditional Silver Tea had its roots in the proper English tea, often held in a church and accompanied by a “silver collection.” The silver collection referred to the silver coins the guests placed in a container near the entrance. This was usually a particularly attractive silver bowl into which had been placed the largest available silver coin, with the hope that it would attract more of its kind. Donations were used to further the charitable causes of the host.

In 2004 past president, Nell Smith, gifted the organization with her heirloom silver bowl which now stands at the entrance of every Silver Tea.

Proceeds from our annual Silver Tea benefit The Guild’s Graduate Education Scholarships at Houston Christian University.

The Guild Annual Silver Tea will be on Thursday, April 20, 2023, at the home Kathleen and Darrell Pennington.  Watch for your invitation.  Our Co-Chairs are Rhonda Ekholm, Pat Ingram and Elizabeth Stevenson.