College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) subject exams may be accepted in place of a course based on the acceptable score by the Institution. You may select a school to have your scores sent to at the time you take the test. Not all CLEP subject tests are accepted for credit at all universities, so check with your desired school prior to registering to ensure you are taking the appropriate exam(s).

Notes from The College Board (CLEP)

Effective July 1, 2018, the new CLEP exam fee will be $87.
The current $85 fee will still apply to all exams purchased through June 30, 2018.

CLEP® will be upgrading the calculators integrated into the UNIFY platform in late January 2018. The Calculus and Precalculus exams will include a TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator. The Chemistry, College Algebra, and College Mathematics exams will include a TI-30XS MultiView™ scientific calculator. The online versions have the same look and functionality as the physical, handheld models.

HCU students taking CLEP exams must obtain their advisor and appropriate dean approval to take each exam whether it is taken at HCU or another institution. Complete the “Request for Approval To Take CLEP Exam” Form (PDF) and submit it to the Office of Academic Records PRIOR to registering for a CLEP exam. CLEP credit will be awarded for the same term in which the exam is taken.

Some of the CLEP tests offered by our testing center DO NOT receive credit at HCU. The list of CLEP exams and what classes they give credit for can be found at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: CLEP tests may be used to meet prerequisite requirements for graduate courses at the discretion of the Dean.

Exam Descriptions
CLEP subject exams are 90 minutes in length, except College Composition is 120 minutes & College Composition Module is 160 minutes.  Tutorials are available at the beginning of the exam and any time spent in tutorials does not count against the actual exam time. Visit CLEP website for exam descriptions.

HCU does not offer optional essays for any CLEP exams.

Unofficial CLEP results are available at the end of the test. Official scores will be sent by the College Board to the institution you indicate at the beginning of the test. Additional score reports or a CLEP transcript may be ordered from CLEP. Official scores for HCU students are sent to the office of the Dean who approved the test and to the Office of Academic Records. For questions concerning CLEP scores, you may contact CLEP Program Direction at 800-257-9558

Retaking the CLEP
You must wait at least 3 months before retaking the CLEP exam.  If you do not wait the 3 months your score will be considered invalid, your score will be canceled, and any test fees will be forfeited.

Test Preparation Materials
Examinees may order the Official CLEP Study Guide or download subject study guides from the CLEP Collegeboard website. There are a limited number of CLEP Study Guides available for check out in Testing Services (for currently enrolled HCU students only), in the Moody Library 1st Floor Testing Office.

When you register for a test through Registration Blast, you will be able to select a date and time that the exam is offered.

Deadline to register: 2 days before the exam.

May register for two exams each day, except the College Composition Module
Exams are 90 minutes (except College Composition is 120 minutes & College Composition Module is 160 minutes)
Check for additional dates to be added during the semester:
Closed test dates and times:
Once a test session or time slot has filled all seats or is past the registration deadline (1 week prior to testing date), it will no longer be available for registration.
See standby information below.

Registration and Payment

  • Register online now!
  • Two Registrations and payments are required:
  • Testing fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Students may register for up to 2 exams per test day.
  • HCU offers no optional essays.
  • HCU students are required to obtain appropriate approval by Dean (exam specific) and advisor prior to taking any CLEP exam whether it is taken at HCU or another institution.

Instructions for Test Day

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to exam start time for check-in.
  • Testing Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • No one admitted after the start of the test.
  • Non-expired, government issued photo ID is REQUIRED & CLEP registration form
  • Be sure you have read and understood the Test Center Policies found on the HCU Testing website.
  • Prohibited items in Testing Room: cell phones, all watches, recording devices; calculators, flash/thumb drives
  • No food or drink are allowed; except water in a clear bottle with label removed
  • A credit card payment to CLEP for $85 must be paid prior to test day.
  • No one is allowed to test without appropriate identification.

If you are not sure if your identification is appropriate you can visit the CLEP website or contact CLEP at 800-257-9558 or  (Note: Photocopies are not acceptable. Credit cards may not serve as appropriate ID.)

Other Policies
All examinees testing at Houston Christian University are responsible for knowing and following all the Testing Center Policies.

Reschedules – No reschedules are allowed, except with permission from Testing Center Director.

Standby Policies
After a test session has closed registration, you may test on a “standby” basis. There are no guarantees that you will be allowed to test. At the discretion of the test administrator (consideration of factors such as available seats, time, other priorities), standbys may be allowed to test. Standbys must have the following in order to be considered for a seat:

  • Sign in on the sign-in sheet when you arrive (first come basis).
  • Appropriate payment (HCU payment should be check or money order only as a standby)
  • Appropriate identification
  • Be on time.

Testing with Accommodations
If accommodations are requested, follow this protocol:
PRIOR to registering for an exam:

  • Read the information on the university academic accommodations web pages.
  • Follow appropriate steps listed for receiving accommodations.
  • Contact the Disability Services Coordinator via email at
  • AFTER completing this process you may email to indicate the test you wish to take and test date. Testing Services can instruct further about registration for your exam after receiving an appropriate authorization letter from the HCU Disabilities Services Coordinator as well as your email request for accommodations for taking TEST on TEST DATE.
  • All examinees requesting academic accommodations for testing must first go through the HCU Accommodations Office, even if they are not an HCU student.
  • DO NOT REGISTER for your exam until you have confirmation from Testing Services to do so.


Note: On CLEP Subject Area tests, the required score is either the scaled score as stated below or, if not stated is at the equivalent of a grade of "B". CLEP scores ordinarily may not be transfred from one institution to another. HCU does NOT adhere to or accept the American Council of Education Recommended minimum scores.
CLEP Examination Requirements
Credit Area Approval Examination Semester Hours Credit Equivalent HCU Course Required Standard Score
Accounting Financial Acct (Clep) 3 Hours Credit ACCT 2301 Scale Score of 55
Biology Biology (Clep) 4 Hours Credit BIOL 2454 Scale Score of 65
Chemistery Chemistery (CLEP) 4 Hours Credit CHEM 2415 Scale Score of 62
Economics Principles of Microeconomics (CLEP) 3 Hours Credit ECON 2311 Scale Score of 60
Principles of Macroeconomics (CLEP) 3 Hours Credit ECON 2312 Scale Score of 62
English College Composition (CLEP) 3 Hours Credit ENGL 1313 Scale Score of 50
French French (CLEP) 6 Hours Credit FREN 1314, 1324 Scale Score of 49
French (CLEP) 12 Hours Credit FREN 1314, 1324, 2314, 2324. Scale Score of 68
German GERMAN (CLEP) 6 Hours Credit GERM 1314, 1324 Scale Score of 37
GERMAN (CLEP) 12 Hours Credit GERM 1314, 1324, 2314, 2324 Scale Score of 71
Government Government (CLEP) 3 Hours Credit GOVT 2313 Scale Score of 50
History U.S. History I: Early Colonization to 1877 (Clep) 3 Hours Credit HIST 2313 Scale Score of 50
U.S. History II: 1865 to Present (Clep) 3 Hours Credit HIST 2323 Scale Score of 50
Social Science and History (CLEP) 3 Hours Credit HIST Elective Scale Score of 50
Western Civilization 1 (CLEP) 3 Hours Credit HIST 2311 Scale Score of 50
Western Civilization 2 (CLEP) 3 Hours Credit HIST 2312 Scale Score of 50
Mathematics Algebra (CLEP) 3 Hours Credit MATH 1313 Scale Score of 60
Calculus (CLEP) 4 Hours Credit MATH 1451 Scale Score of 61
Trigonometry (CLEP) 3 Hours Credit MATH 1323 Scale Score of 58
Pre-Calculus (CLEP) 3 Hours Credit MATH 1434 Scale Score of 58
Spanish Language (CLEP) 6 Hours Credit SPAN 1314, 1324 Scale Score of 53
Language (CLEP) 12 Hours Credit SPAN 1314, 1324 Scale Score of 64