2012 CCB Mentoring Conference

The 2012 Mentoring Conference, the 4th annual event since the series’ inception, was successfully held in the Hinton Center on the HCU campus on November 8, 2012 from 5 to 7 pm. The event was attended by over one hundred students from various majors, although the majority of them are from the School of Business.  As in past events, during the conference a number of business leaders from the Houston business community delivered moving testimonies to challenge the students to be genuine in their faith even in the harsh realities of the secular business world.  They also sat down in round table discussions with the students and answer personal questions about faith, ethics, business, and management philosophy.  Many of the business leaders exchanged contact information with the students and agreed to being a helpful mentor to them. As in years past, the reaction from the students is overwhelmingly positive, and many are shocked to learn that success in business does not have to mean compromises in adhering to the teachings of the Scriptures.

Business leaders speaking in this event included:

  • Olaide A. Banks, Principal attorney, Olaide A. Banks & Associates.
  • George Del Canto, CEO, GDC Trading
  • Goran Haag, President, Champion Fiberglass
  • Cliff Knight, President, KnightHawk Engineering, Inc.
  • Hon. James Squire, Sr. District Judge, Harris County, Texas