Houston Film School | Film School in Texas

Our Cinema and New Media Arts program at Houston Christian University is comprised of three degrees: Mass Media Arts, Cinematic Arts, and Interactive Media & Digital Design. These programs offer students the unique experience of a film school in Houston, along with internships, one-on-one instruction from skilled faculty, and the skills needed to work in any area of the film industry in Texas or abroad. Throughout our program, students actively create films, digital media, web series, animations, and more.

Collectively, this is one the most diverse film school experiences available today. In today’s filmmaking climate, technology changes at a rapid pace, and filmmakers have to remain educated on these advances. Students leave our program ready to begin their careers and excel in wide range of opportunities. We prepare our students for this by complementing traditional film studies with modern digital media exposure as well. This digital media foundation allows our filmmakers to also explore options with video production, streaming, and video game development, as well as traditional print media, marketing, and design.

Learn Filmmaking

Our students learn filmmaking from hands-on experiences and through guidance from our expert faculty. The comprehensive film school leaves each student with experience and a portfolio of work showcasing directing, lighting, cinematography and editing skills. We complement these activities and enhance students’ understanding through extensive study of film history. Our filmmaking courses include the study of cinematic classics and aesthetic training that builds an artistic foundation. Additionally, students learn screenwriting and storytelling skills and have the opportunity to showcase their work through a two-semester senior project that is supervised by mentoring faculty.

Resources for Filmmakers

Our Department of Cinema, Media Arts, and Writing provides film school students with several resources to assist in their filmmaking practice and careers. In addition to job placement, our program acclimates students to the Houston film community. Students are notified about film festivals in Houston, independent film opportunities, multimedia jobs, and supplemental film courses for continued education.

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