HBU Dunham Bible Museum Marks the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

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The Houston Baptist University Dunham Bible Museum marked the 500th anniversary of the Reformation by hosting special guest and distinguished scholar Dr. Paul Maier, professor emeritus of history at Western Michigan University. Dr. Maier reflected on the centrality of the Bible to Martin Luther, and the Reformation that stemmed from his “95 Theses.”  

In 1517, Luther, a German theologian, changed the world forever when he protested the contemporary practice of issuing indulgences. Luther asserted that forgiveness and salvation comes as the result of faith in God’s grace. He went on to translate the Latin Bible into German, and made access to Scripture common for lay people. He wrote treasured hymns including “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.” His theological and cultural influence is still felt today. 

Coinciding with the lecture, the museum showcased the special exhibit, “God’s Word Endures Forever: Luther and the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.” 

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Take in Part 1 and Part 2 of the lecture.