Graduate Program: School of Christian Thought

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Graduate Program: School of Christian Thought

Submitted by Dr. Jeff Green, former interim dean of the HBU School of Christian Thought 

HBU School of Christian Thought 

I am currently the dean of the Graduate School, and served as the interim dean of the School of Christian Thought. It’s been such a privilege to have the role of working with the faculty and students of our graduate programs in the School of Christian Thought. 

We offer several graduate programs in the School of Christian Thought, as well as numerous certificates. We have Master of Arts programs in Apologetics, Biblical Languages, Christian Leadership and Theological Studies. In addition, we have a Master of Divinity program and certificates in areas such as Evangelism, Greek, Apologetics, and New Testament. 

All of these programs help prepare graduates to better serve the Church. We care deeply about developing leaders who can have a positive impact on the world for the Kingdom. The faculty of the School of Christian Thought are world-class scholars and practitioners. Our professors have written bestselling books in apologetics, evangelism, New Testament studies and other areas. They are frequent speakers at churches and academic conferences, and know how to excel at communicating to each audience. Students have the ability to learn, and be mentored by, the leading lights of the evangelical world when studying through Houston Baptist University. 

In addition, we’ve worked hard to make our programs flexible and accessible for the working adult. Most of our classes are in the evening; we have several online options for courses as well. In addition, we have courses all throughout the year so students can start soon after they apply, instead of waiting for their opportunity to begin. Our Master of Divinity program is 72 hours long – which we think is an excellent balance of providing a comprehensive education while not stretching out time in school. Our programs have a variety of scholarships, so that helps keep them affordable and it attracts great students. 

Finally, the School of Christian Thought is an exciting place to learn. We have multiple guest speakers each year. Among others, we have had N.T. Wright and Dale Allison visit. This year, we are featuring an ongoing lecture series by Andrew Lazo on C.S. Lewis. We have conferences in Apologetics and Theology each year as well. In addition, we partner with churches, and our MDiv program has a cohort of students at Second Baptist Church where they can learn from dynamic pastors who are ministering to the city of Houston. 

I encourage you to spend some time on our website to learn more about both our programs and professors. Feel free to contact me; I would be happy to tell you more about our story and the great things we are planning for the future.