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This issue of The Pillars features the stories of five students who share what receiving an HCU education has done for them. These are the kinds of testimonies that I have the privilege of hearing regularly — and the kinds that we often share with the Board of Trustees during our meetings. We want you to hear these stories as well.

Students like these truly inspire us, because they typically express their thanks to God for his provision, especially for the scholarship support that made a crucial difference in their lives, allowing them to benefit from a university experience like the one we offer.

Our world is deeply troubled, and one of the best ways to change it, as we try to do every day here at HCU, is to take a long view of our work. That is, we must continue to provide the ideas and life-changing experiences that form a Christian worldview and inspire values that produce honorable and moral citizens. Thus, we aim to instill ways of thinking and habits of living that not only facilitate career skills and competencies but also transform the very course of a person’s life so he or she can grow to maturity, have a family, build a productive and meaningful career, and raise their children likewise to become hardworking Christian citizens who are faithful members of God’s kingdom. This kind of change in a person’s trajectory doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. And we see it occur regularly on this campus

We work hard to make an HCU education available to as many students as possible. Though we can’t do all that is needed, we do a lot — and we want to do more. Our costs as a private institution are surprisingly low, but a college education is not free. These students depend on all of us to give.

Would you consider making a special gift for student scholarships as we embark on a new year? You could designate it for an endowed scholarship or for current funds. Either way, you will be part of changing lives, families, and ultimately — by God’s grace — our communities and cities.

Wishing you the best in the new year. God has blessed us richly in Christ. Thank you for helping us do his work in the world. God bless you and yours.

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