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Jason Bachtel Named Head Coach

All things considered, Wednesday, January 10 was a pretty good day to introduce a new head football coach.

And that’s exactly what Houston Christian University did.

It wasn’t that long ago that HCU last named a head coach for its football program, but following the departure of Braxton Harris, the Huskies are looking to further build upon the foundation that was laid in Harris’ single season with HCU.

And that’s why, in front of local media, current HCU Husky football players and Jason Bachtel’s family, the Huskies officially welcomed Bachtel to lead the program going forward.

“It didn’t take us very long to figure out we had the right guy in the building,” explained HCU Athletic Director Steve Moniaci at Bachtel’s introductory press conference.

That “right guy” is certainly looking forward to building a strong future for the Huskies.

“I’m committed to the foundation that was laid. And now it’s time to build the walls. And the walls are going to be built on commitment and toughness. Those two things right there, guys, will start everything,” Bachtel stated.

Following his introductory press conference, Bachtel and his family took a stroll over to Husky Stadium. Given the clear blue skies and radiant sunshine, it provided a great opportunity to survey where Bachtel would be building the Huskies program and for HCU’s newest head coach to further explain his vision for the future of HCU football.

A huge part of his vision includes being more assertive on offense.

“We didn’t play quite the style of football that we would like,” Bachtel explained. “You’re going to see a little bit more explosive offense, a little more fast paced, a little more attack style with the fearless attitude.”

Of course, now that he’s guiding this program in its entirety, he has the chance to steer the Huskies in the way he wants them to go.

“That’s the exciting part of being in this seat, you can change a little bit of philosophy. Not that our philosophy was too far off, but there’s some nuances that you’ll see that it’s different in an attacking style,” Bachtel said.

It’s not uncommon for guys who spend their coaching career on the offensive side of the ball to hold that sort of mentality.

And it could yield some really fun results for the Huskies. According to Bachtel, it’s not going to take drastic changes to get those sorts of results.

“My philosophy is they give you four downs for a reason. Let’s take them. You’re going to see us throw the ball out there a little bit deeper. You’re going to see us come after you a little bit more on third and fourth downs to get you off the field. Those are the things that you’re going to see [that are] different. They’re not going to be major differences,” Bachtel said.

For an offense that ranked second in the Southland Conference in points per game (with 26.1 points per game) this past season, being even more aggressive on that side of the ball is an exciting possibility.

For those keeping track at home, that’s a notable increase from 2022, when HCU was last in the conference in points per game at just 18 points per game.

And in addition to that new, offensive-oriented direction that HCU football is moving in with Bachtel at the helm, Bachtel has also made it clear that he’s thrilled to be leading the Huskies moving forward.

“This is a dream come true. This is not a stepping stone. And I say those words knowing that [Steve Moniaci and Robert Sloan], after these past 13 months, will hold me to that. Our guys in the locker room hear those words and will hold me to them,” Bachtel declared.

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