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Xavier McIntyre was always the smallest player on the football field, but he never let his size keep him from playing the sport that he loved.

A transfer student from The University of Texas at San Antonio, the former Elkins High School football player used that same drive and determination to earn a spot on the HCU Husky football team as a walk-on, helping the team secure its first winning season in the program’s history with a 6-5 record.

“When I got here in 2021, I didn’t have any expectations and came here as a walk-on on the football program. Now in 2023, having earned a full scholarship in football and becoming a team captain for the first winning season in history here at HCU, I can say that it was all worth it,” said McIntyre.

He recalls his family’s struggles including his mother working seven days a week on three jobs and the tragic death of his father last spring — only a few months before he was awarded an athletic scholarship from HCU — and credits the scholarship for making a life-changing difference in his college experience.

“The scholarship helped a lot because I used to get up at 4 a.m. to do Uber to make money for school. My mother’s hard work and dedication is something I live by just watching her every day,” said the HCU Husky football linebacker (No. 23). In addition to receiving vital financial support from HCU, his professors, coaches and teammates helped him navigate the toughest experience of his life — the death of his father.

“The love that I got here at HCU from my teammates, from my coaches and professors and just everybody in between, helped me get through and become a stronger and better person. Now I know that just because you fall on tough times doesn’t mean that you’re alone — you always have people by your side who are willing to help you and boost you up when you’re down,” said the Houston native.

He also was inspired by the words of encouragement his father shared with him two weeks before his sudden passing when he noticed that his son’s school, sports and work commitments were taking a toll on him. “He told me everything that you’re working for is gonna pay off. You just have to continue to keep working and just know that everything’s gonna be OK,” shared McIntyre.

Leaning on his faith in God and the strong support system behind him, the HCU senior applied his father’s advice in his role as starting linebacker helping carry the Husky football team to its milestone winning season. He also was diligent in his studies, earning a 3.75 GPA in his final semester and graduating with honors this past December with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

Not only did he excel academically and on the playing field, he also grew in his faith and attributes his growth and development to the spiritual foundation he received at HCU. “One of my favorite scriptures is ‘Faith without works is dead,’” said McIntyre. “Coming to HCU just shows how all my work continued to pay off in everything, especially in my faith.”

The HCU alum now has his sights set on launching a brand of organic sports drinks, called OrganicX, that he is developing for athletes and fitness enthusiasts and plans to test through a network of gyms and athletic facilities. Inspired by a quote by “Think and Grow Rich” author, Napoleon Hill, that reads, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” McIntyre is laser-focused on fulfilling his dreams.

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