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Brooklyn Lacy knew little about Houston Christian University (HCU) when she began deciding on a college. She credits her mother with encouraging her to consider the private, faith-based university during her college search.

Lacy admits that HCU became a surprise addition to her list after she began receiving emails from the University’s undergraduate admissions office inviting her to attend a preview of the campus. Despite her reservations, she appeased her mother and decided to attend the event.

“First impressions are big for me, and since I came in with such low expectations, for those to be hit out the ballpark blindsided me,” said Lacy.

Not one to believe in “love at first sight,” the homeschooled student’s outlook completely changed when she attended Husky Preview, a one-day, comprehensive showcase of the HCU campus designed for prospective high school and transfer students.

“The faculty were incredibly kindhearted people and made the experience ten times better. Seriously, I had one of the best tour guides ever. Learning that a large percentage of the employees were alumni assured me that the school was a legit contender,” said Lacy, now in her sophomore year at HCU.

Seeing the beautiful campus, learning about the many undergraduate academic programs, the enriching student life environment and state-of-the-art fitness center added to HCU’s appeal for the Houston native.

“More importantly, its dedication to Christ in every aspect of college life was its most appealing attribute. They made faith the focal point of the college experience, and I could not have asked for more,” said Lacy.

Focused on enrolling in a university with a strong law program, she narrowed her search to several Texas schools, including Dallas Baptist University (DBU) and HCU because of their faith-based focus, when a letter arrived that would help her to solidify her direction.

“Right as I began leaning towards DBU and almost committing, God in his humor and favor had quite the surprise awaiting me in the mail. In mid-January, I received my welcome packet from Houston Christian University welcoming me into the Husky family. Opening to my official acceptance letter with a congratulatory message signed by the president himself, what the next page read was truly a blessing,” shared Lacy.

The letter indicated that in addition to Lacy’s acceptance to the university, she had been awarded the Founders Scholarship in the amount of $96,000 which equated to $24,000 per academic year.

She describes feeling chills go down her spine as she read the fine print and then feeling the need to pinch herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

“I sat in my room for over half an hour on my floor crying and thanking God for the favor that he has placed on my life, time and time again. That moment sealed the deal. In my heart of hearts, I knew where my first steps as a college freshman would be taken. I wholeheartedly believe if it was not for that tremendous blessing, I would not be able to call myself a Husky,” said the HCU sophomore.

A scholar in the Honors College, Lacy has maintained the college’s rigorous academic requirements as well as the criteria for the scholarship that made her college education a possibility.

“Being here and listening to the voice of God will forever be one of the best decisions I could have made,” said the HCU sophomore.

As she begins the spring semester, she describes it as comforting to attend an academic institution that is committed to both academic excellence and spiritual growth.

“God has allowed me to be in a place where the next level of growth that He has me on requires a new and right environment. HCU perfectly fits the bill because what greater way to grow than to be surrounded by likeminded people. Proverbs 27:17 proclaims, ‘As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another,’” said Lacy.

She is studying to complete a double major in English and pre-law/legal studies with her hopes set on attending Thurgood Marshall School of Law. After completing law school, her goal is to join a well-respected law firm in the Houston area.

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