Hamelin Stoop: The Battle Of Parthogen

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An Interview with Dr. Sloan


What are the central themes in “The Battle of Parthogen,” the fourth book in the Hamelin Stoop series?
The whole series has been about the struggle of good vs. evil and finding moral courage. This book also includes consequences and accountability. The importance of family memories plays a big role for more than one of the characters.

Share the synopsis of your latest book.
The “Battle of Parthogen” picks up where book three, “The Ring of Truth,” left off with Hamelin returning to the children’s home in Texas while on the other side of the Atrium of the Worlds, Layla, Charissa, and Eraina desperately try to wake Princess Sophia from her coma. Hamelin must face the consequences of his rash actions even as Landon, one of Chimera’s evil sons, holds the city of Parthogen captive with his army and pack of vicious dogs. As Landon grows bolder in his attacks against King Carr’s encampment, it’s up to Hamelin and his friends to save not only Sophia but all of Parthogen before Landon’s reinforcements arrive and doom the Land of Gloaming forever.

What qualities do your main characters possess that you hope are an inspiration to your target audience?
As a 12-year-old, Hamelin is beginning to learn what it means to grow into a man. What does manhood entail? I also hope readers are encouraged to be reflective about life instead of rashly following the crowd.

Describe the writing process in your series.
I tend to start with a rough, broad outline. I like to think of the ending first, then the beginning, and then how the beginning and middle can best lead to the ending. After that, I like to dictate the first draft. Once I have that, I create a more specific outline that allows me to rearrange and reorder each scene as needed. Then, I will begin the editing and rewriting phase.

The books in the Hamelin Stoop series have been well received based on the awards and reviews. Describe the overall response to your series from young readers.
I originally wrote them for my grandchildren, who have all loved reading them. I’ve discovered lately that I also have readers that I didn’t expect. I’ve received positive letters and personal comments from older children and teenagers that really enjoy the series.

Are there any new challenges that Hamelin faces in the latest book?
At the end of the last book, Hamelin made some big mistakes that affected more than just himself. He now has to learn how to make it right. He has to make sure that his own individual quest doesn’t selfishly overshadow the needs of others or pull him off track from the larger story of the Ancient One’s plan

How do you incorporate aspects of your personal and professional life into your books?
I sometimes incorporate what I’m studying biblically or theologically into the novel’s themes.

How long did it take to complete your latest book?
This book took about two and a half years to finish completely.

What is one of your favorite books by C.S. Lewis, who you have described as an inspiration for your own writing?
“The Chronicles of Narnia” series, “The Space Trilogy” and “The Great Divorce” are all fantasy books of Lewis’ that have influenced me.

Can readers look forward to future books in the series?
I plan for the global story to come to its conclusion in two more books. I have a good bit of a draft of book five done, and it is currently in the reworking and polishing stage.

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